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What font says 'Change'?


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McCain uses type that is a perfect compromise between a sans and a serif, what type geeks call a "flared sans." Not quite sans and not quite serif, sort of in between, moderate, not too far in either direction.

No type geek would ever call that a "flared sans", rather, "Humanist" is the term this dupe was searching for. That is the first time I've ever (ever) seen or heard that term used to describe a typeface such as the one John McCain uses, this coming from someone who reads a lot of type publications and feels like he's very much on top of the jargon and lingo.

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It is, but put side by side with the others its incredibly bold. Black and white, no flag graphic, none of the usuals.

Actually that graphic was the first time I'd seen McCain's in anything other than navy blue.

You're right - guess I haven't been following McCain's campaign.


Odd. Much better in black and white.

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I don't think it's the typeface that conveys as much the message as the graphics accompanying it, but Obama's sunrise gives a movement that seems to bring us to a new day.

Similar with Edwards (RIP :cry: ) shooting star.

Both use white backgrounds and less navy that tends to be more solemn and traditionnal.

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Cool article.

My opinion:

-McCain makes me think of the military, and since we are at war, it does not demonstrate change to me. It screams "Another 8 years of keeping our military bases and wars in other people's lands."

-Obama looks Web 2.0ish. It is current era. The current era is not change.

-The rest all look the same.

If I was to do a logo, I would make it retro, or something clever. Maybe even green. That would distinguish it from the tired old red, white and blue crap.

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