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JD's Super Bowl Trivia Round VII


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I Name the only family owners who took 2 different teams to the Super Bowl.

II. What was the offensive line on the 1936 Fordham Football name that had Vince Lombardi?

III. Who was Tommy Okon?

IV. Who did not sing The Star Spangled Banner at a Super Bowl?

V. Who performed in the Halftime SHows in SBs VI and XII>

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I. Carroll Rosenbloom (SB III and V) and Georgia Frontiere, who passed away recently (SB XIV).

II. It was Seven, not Four MadMac, Blocks of Granite.

III. He was the kid who was in the Coke commercial with Mean Joe Green- and it did not even debut on SB XIV.

IV. Vicki Carr sang America The Beautiful. BTW, would Emo sing Downtown Downers Grove?

V. Mr. Cotton Candy/Java HimSelf.

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