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Your Favorite Teams?


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MLB- Orioles

NBA- Wizards

NFL- Redskins

NHL- Capitals


I do believe that while being a die-hard fan of a team, you can appreciate another team in that same league. For instance, I love the Redskins, but my appreciation for another team can fluctuate. Currently, due do a player on the Rams who went to my high school (Rob Havenstien) I follow them a little bit, but I like the Ravens.

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Always good to cycle back to this and give an update/further explanation.


Browns/Cavs/Indians are the same explanation: I was born in Youngstown, Ohio, to a diehard Cleveland sports fan. Even though I moved to Indianapolis when I was 17 months old, I never had a choice to be anything else.


Blue Jackets are related to that, but something I pushed more than my dad did. We went to a game in the team’s second season (I was 6) and I was hooked instantly. It’s all part of why, at the end of the day, the Jackets are my favorite sports team.


Notre Dame’s twofold: my family’s Catholic, and my dad grew up a big Notre Dame fan — and growing up in Indianapolis, just over two hours from ND, football games were a regular thing in the fall. Last May, I graduated from Notre Dame. Both my parents went to Youngstown State, so I pull for them, too.


Aston Villa’s a club I was introduced to through the Browns (joy), who at the time shared an owner. Fell in love with the name, colors, history and stadium from there, and have been over to visit Villa Park twice (once to tour, once for a match). I’ve moved my German football interest from Hertha to Union Berlin; I love the city (Berlin’s my favorite place in the world), and that’s what got me hooked on Hertha to start with, but as time went along, I found myself more interested in how Union were getting on, so I took the plunge this summer and switched (hopefully for good). I also have soft spot for Strasbourg in France, for no real definitive reason.


I’m also in and out of following the Portland Timbers stateside, and to a lesser extent these days, Indy Eleven (I think the owner’s a twat who only started the team so the city could pay for the stadium he wanted). I got involved in Timbers support mostly through falling in love with the Timbers Army, though — I really liked what that fan base stood for (and still does stand!) for, and at the time, the Crew’s ownership was miserable.


Down under, I follow the Adelaide Crows in the AFL, mostly because they’ve got my favorite uniform in sports. Also, they were (a) not on the west coast (for a college kid getting into Aussie rules, I was generally after clubs that’d play earlier matches in Australia), (b) typically are solid but (c) aren’t one of the powerhouses/biggest clubs in the sport.


IndyCar is not a team, but I kinda view it that way sometimes. Growing up in Indianapolis as a sports fan, it’s hard not to fall in love with the 500. The series itself is great, too.


I think that is most of the stuff, yeah.

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I grew up in Idaho. Around here we dont really have teams to choose from besides Boise State which I hate lol. 


Notre Dame: I remember when I was 8 years old my father asked me to come watch a movie with him. I sat down by him and we watched RUDY!! Ever since then I have been in love with the Gold and Blue. It was the gold helmets that sucked me in! I was already a football fan but had no College team I rooted for. Now I bleed blue and gold.


Green Bay: Ever since I was a young kid honestly. My parents have pictures of me in a Packers outfit and I was maybe 3. I dont know how I got into them besides maybe liking the colors or brett favre. My dads a Steelers fan and all of my siblings like different teams. Its very strange lol. 


LA Lakers: Honestly, It was Kobe that sucked me in. Playing the old Nintendo 64 NBA games with him on the cover. Ever since then its been all Lakers for me lol. 


Yankees. Jeter for sure! I grew up playing baseball every year and almost every year I was on a yankees little league team. I just kind of grew to them.


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From Chicago so it's pretty easy. All the Chicago teams. I come from a split White Sox/Cubs home (dad's side is all southsiders, mom's are Cubs fans) I really don't care what happens with the Sox since I'm a Cubs fan, but my dad's a pretty big fan so I wish them well.

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Living in Queens my whole life so I gravitated toward the hometown teams: Mets, Jets, Rangers and Knicks.

Mets: My mom took me to a lot of games when I was little. I loved the 2000 team. I used to watch the Millennium Mets VHS tape all the time. 

Jets: I watched a lot of football when I was little but didn't have a favorite team. Then the 2002 Wild Card Game vs the Colts happened and the rest was history. My dad was also a Bills fan so it was fun rooting against him.

Rangers and Knicks: unlike the Mets and Jets, I don't have a specific moment that made me a fan, I just always rooted for them because they were the local team. 


I also have a soft spot for the Anaheim Ducks and the reason is a little silly, I know. I use to watch the Mighty Ducks movies as a kid and around that same time the team was in the middle of their run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2003. With that and wanting to see the Devils lose (which unfortunately didn't happen) I became a little fan. To this day, if I happen to catch a game an it's not against the Rangers, I'll root for them.

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Kilmarnock. My hometown team, been going to Killie games since I was a boy, will probably still be going till my dying day. In the English league, I have always supported Liverpool. When I has a lad in the early 80s, Liverpool were the best team in Europe, and always had some great Scottish players. Also have a soft spot for Juventus in European football.

And obviously Scotland in international football, but there is no chance of us ever winning a tournament, so in the World Cup and the Euros, i always end up cheering on Italy.



Washington Redskins! Back in 82, when the NFL got its first big push in the UK, my dad got me a Redskins poster and my brother a Dolphins poster, and they have been our teams ever since! I remember as a schoolboy, staying up all night to see us win 3 Super Bowls, and being completely stunned when the Raiders hammered us in Super Bowl XVIII.

I also cheer on the Miami Dolphins as a second team, again back to the 80s, and one man, Dan Marino. Nothing in the world was as cool as Dan Marino in his prime! And we had never saw anything like him over here, in that gorgeous white and aqua uniform in the blazing Florida sunshine, blasting that ball downfield like a cannon! He was the reason the Dolphins were easily the best supported team in Britain back in the day, and even now are still right up there despite not having won a title in over 40 years.



New York Mets. About a decade ago, Channel 5 would show live MLB games through the night twice a week, so when I got up early for work on Monday and Thursday mornings, I would catch the last few innings of a game before heading out. I got into the sport so much that I recorded the games and watched them when I got home. Usually it was east coast teams that were shown, usually the Yankees, Red Sox, or Mets. I have no idea why I preferred the Mets, maybe the did not seem as stuck up as the other two, maybe it was from Seinfeld, but the Mets were the team I liked!

Alas! Channel 5 lost the MLB contract, and no free to air broadcaster picked it up, so I have fell away from baseball.

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NHL: Vancouver Canuck- My home team. Proudly bleed the Blue & Green and the Black, Yellow & Red. Hoping the corporately-inspired orca logo is ditched ASAP followed by the first Stanley Cup win. Gotta have faith.

CFL: BC Lions - My home team. Once a new and committed ownership is found to take over from current owner David Braley, the club will be able to "roar" once again. 

NFL: 1. Seattle Seahawks - Closest team to Vancouver. Cheered for the 'Hawks during their Kingdome years.

2. & 3. New York Giants & Jets - Used to live in New York City during my teens.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps - My home team. Been a huge fan since the NASL version's Soccer Bowl '79 season. 

European "Football": Werder Bremen - The green and white(grün und weiß) underdogs from my m♡m's home city. 

MLB: 1. Seattle Mariners - Closest team to Vancouver. 

2. Toronto Blue Jays - Canada's team. Cheered for them before the choke job vs KC in '85. Cheered for the Expos as well for the obvious same reasons. 

3. New York Mets - Lived in NYC and they were the lovable losers who played second fiddle to the Yankees. 

NWL: Vancouver Canadians - My home team. Beautiful big league logo and uniforms. First class organization that plays at the prettiest little ballpark in North America, aka. Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium.

NBA: Underdog teams and teams that have never won championships with the exception of Oklahoma City Thunder and Memphis Grizzlies - Enough said.

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MLB - New York Mets (from NY/NJ area)

NFL - New York Jets (from NY/NJ area)

NBA - New York Knicks (used to be the New Jersey Nets, but the move to Brooklyn killed my fandom for them)

NHL - New York Islanders (didn't get into hockey until after I left Jersey for Long Island; Devils are still my second team)

MLS - Atlanta United FC (can't get behind either NYC club, the Red Bulls because of the corporate name and NYCFC for being the bastard child of Man City and the Yankees)

CFL - Hamilton Tiger-Cats (I would really, really like to move to Hamilton at some point)

EPL - Stoke City (I... honestly don't know why)


NCAA - Syracuse Orange and Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (Syracuse are sort of the default NY college team, and I prefer CCU over SCar or Clemson because... teal)

AHL - Bridgeport Sound Tigers (Islanders affiliate)

ECHL - South Carolina Stingrays (literally play in the city I live in right now)

AAA - Albuquerque Isotopes (love the Simpsons reference)

AA - Trenton Thunder (Jersey)

Adv-A - Myrtle Beach Pelicans (South Carolina)

A - Charleston RiverDogs (guess)

USL - Charleston Battery (take a WILD guess)

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updating mine.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings: Family in Minnesota

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder: Like Westbrook and Adams

NHL: Minnesota Wild: Family in minnesota

MLB: Seattle Mariners: My home state

Premier League: Manchester City: Did a video with a youtube channel I watch, none of my friends like them.

NCAAF: Washington State Cougars: Home State, my dad likes UW so I have to go opposites

NCAAB: Gonzaga Bulldogs: Home state, Home City


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MLB: Chicago Cubs. Always been a big fan of them all my life. Secretly an Oakland A's fan.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts and LA Rams. Been a Colts fan since the moment of my birth (even though they are going in the basement for the next 5 years), gotta stay loyal to the home team. 

NBA: Not set on a favorite team, but I like the Pacers. But it's like every single time we are good, we get screwed over by MJ or the Knicks or LeBron. 

NHL: Flames, somehow. Don't exactly remember how I became a fan.

Soccer: Man City.

College basketball: Ball State (1990 Sweet 16 run most underrated Cinderella ever.)

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Like Most people, my family & where I grew up have influenced What team I follow. 


MLB: Mariners & Red Sox - My mom was originally from Washington so she was always a big Mariners fan. While Dad is from NH (Red Sox fan). Living in Maine, unfortunately I don't get to watch The Mariners as often as I'd like so  The Red Sox end up being my baseball fix. 


NFL: Vikings - First team I remember watching growing up. My cousins were big Brett Favre fans and something about their, logo, jersey, and helmet always seemed really cool to me. Like with Mariners though, I have to erhm “Placate” myself with the Patriots (like I can complain though lol)


NBA/NHL - don't really follow either sport that much honestly. If I had to chose, I guess I'd just have to default to Boston. 

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