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My favorite team is Club Brugge. My hometown team which I started watching since I was 6. Trough the years I've developed a soft spot for AFC Wimbledon tough.   

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Big 4


My favorite sports team, now and forever: The Carolina Panthers! Being from Charlotte, I became a fan (of sports in general, actually) right around the magical 15-1 season. Cam Newton is my favorite athlete right now, and the team just has so much fun. Not to mention, the branding is on point. (On that note, screw you Atlanta.)


The Charlotte Hornets. Hometown team, excellent logos and colors. Kemba Walker is an outstanding athlete and person, and even though the team seems to have the worst luck I've ever seen (George Shinn, LJ and Zo hating each other, Bob Johnson, MJ, 2012 NBA Draft [that thing was rigged. You can't tell me otherwise.]). My hate for New Orleans runs deep (Saints and Hornicans) and I will never stop loving this team.


The Baltimore Orioles. My parents are from Baltimore so with Charlotte not having a major league team I'm stuck with the O's for the foreseeable future. The team sucks, and will suck for many years to come but I'll stick with 'em.


Since Charlotte doesn't have a team (F*** Raleigh), I passively follow both the Carolina Hurricanes and the Vegas Golden Knights. I love the sport and really want to find a major league team for me but I can't connect to anyone just yet.

Honorable Mentions

I also follow the Baltimore Ravens (Baltimore connection), the Minnesota Timberwolves (fantastic branding) and have committed to following the reincarnation of the Seattle SuperSonics, whenever that may be.


Minor League



The Charlotte Knights. Not much to say, they're the team in Charlotte. They have excellent Queen City Knights alts (screw off Cincinnati) and the stadium is always packed, even though the team currently sucks.


Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp. No reason, just the name.

High A

Winston-Salem Dash. My sister went to school in Winston-Salem, so there's a small connection.

Low A

Asheville Tourists. My grandparents live near there, so I've been to a few games, and it's a lot of fun.



Charlotte Checkers. Local team, games are great, and there's Bojangles at the stadium. That's enough for me.

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A couple years ago I wanted to get into the CFL so I mentioned the league in a tweet asking which team I should root for since I'm a new fan. I actually got a lot of feedback, with the CFL's help, from all nine teams. I ultimately chose BC and even bought a shirt to show support, but now I'm slightly finding myself liking Winnipeg.

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Homer alert. Deal with it  ?


  • NFL: Washington Redskins
  • NBA: Washington Wizards
  • MLB: Washington Nationals
  • NHL: Washington Capitals
  • MLS: D.C. United
  • Overseas Soccer: Western Sydney Wonderers (A-League). Copa90 videos about this club won me over
  • P5 NCAA Football: University of Maryland and members of the pre conference realignment ACC and Big East. Except for Miami and West Virginia.
  • Mid Major NCAA Football: Marshall, Temple & Cincinnati
  • NCAA FCS Football: All members of the MEAC, Towson, Georgetown & Penn
  • NCAA D1 Basketball: Maryland and Georgetown
  • NCAA Division 2 Sports: All members of the CIAA, Shepherd University & UDC
  • NCAA Division 3 Sports: Salisbury University, Frostburg State University, Catholic University, Gallaudet University and Johns Hopkins University
  • Junior College: Prince George's Community College
  • Minor League Baseball: Bowie Baysox, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs & the Nationals' entire farm system
  • WNBA: Washington Mystics
  • Major League Lacrosse: Chesapeake Bayhawks

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mlb: texas rangers and colorado rockies

and to a lesser extent: houston astros and san diego padres (parent club of our AA club here in amarillo)

nba: dallas mavericks and charlotte hornets

nfl: carolina panthers and houston texans

nhl: dallas stars, carolina hurricanes and colorado avalanche

mls: houston dynamo and colorado rapids

ncaa: (d-I) north carolina tar heels, new mexico lobos, texas tech red raiders, uc santa barbara gauchos. (d-II) west texas a&m buffaloes.

milb: (AAA) albuquerque istotopes



nahl: amarillo bulls

texas league: amarillo tba (name has yet to be announced)


reasons? I was born in north carolina, have lived most of my life in texas, have ties to new mexico and denver is close enough to where I live that a lot of people root for denver teams here. plus I've been to a few rox and avs games and have always more or less supported those teams since they began.

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2 hours ago, FloridHardaway said:

NBA: Orlando Magic

NCAA: Florida Gators

NFL: Carolina Panthers

Soccer: Olympique de Marseille and Orlando City

Cycling: Groupama-FDJ

F1: Renault

Finally, another l'OM fan.

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NBA: Orlando Magic

NFL: New Orleans Saints

Soccer: Everton, Orlando City, Bor. Dortmund

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays

Ncaa: UF Basketball, Football and Softball

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On 11/21/2018 at 10:25 PM, C-Reezy1000 said:

NBA: Orlando Magic

NFL: New Orleans Saints

Soccer: Everton, Orlando City, Bor. Dortmund

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays

Ncaa: UF Basketball, Football and Softball

Go Gators 

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  • NFL: #1 Seattle Seahawks (lived in Wa state for awhile and love the latest uniform and colors), Miami Dolphins (fav AFC team), LA Rams (to show solidarity to the wife when we are not playing them) & Chicago Bears (Dad's favorite). 
  • NBA: Can't get into the NBA. My passion died when Jordan and the rest of the 90's players exited the league. 
  • MLB: LA Dodgers (saw my first Dodger game in the 88's series vs the A's), Boston Red Sox (wife's team to show solidarity) and Chicago Cubs (Dad's team and saw them alot on WGN when I was a kid). 
  • NHL: Can't get into the NHL.  I used to love the NHL but not sure what happened. Maybe I will latch onto the new Seattle NHL team. 
  • Overseas Soccer: Sport Club Corinthians Paulista (Brazilian born!) & Inter Milan, World Cup (Brazil & Mexico)
  • NCAA: Boise State University (alum) & University of Arizona Wildcats (living in Arizona)
  • Liga Mexican del Pacifico (Mexican winter league ball): Yaquis de Obregon
  • Liga Norte de Mexico (Mexican summer league rookie ball): Tiburones de Puerto Penasco (I vacation quite frequently in this tiny mexican beach town just 4 hours from Tucson,AZ & met spouse here.)

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NFL: Chicago Bears...and Green Bay Packers.  My family is mostly Bears fans, and that's who I mainly watched until 3rd or 4th grade.  My friends, by contrast, are mostly Packers fans with some Cowpokes and Vikes mixed in.  I loosely follow the Oilers/Titans and Eagles (stemming from Moon and Cunningham, respectively), and during the Bledsoe era, also followed the Pats somewhat, though not since Mr. Overrated took over.

MLB: Chicago Cubs, also loosely follow the Mariners and Twins.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks...the only pro game I've ever gone to was a Bucks game.  Still have the ticket stub.  Used to follow the Sonics a bit, but as far as basketball goes now, I only watch the Bucks, TBT and Big 3.

If they'd moved, I would have either switched to the Knicks or/and sworn off basketball for good.. I swear man, it's like every other thing the Knicks do nowadays is doomed to fail miserably.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche... basically, I'd decided to pick an NHL team in the summer of 95.  For some reason, even though I liked JR and Chelios, I never felt the Blackhawks were for me.  Lo and behold, the Nordiques had moved and changed their name...and damn if the end result wasn't pretty.

FCS college football: Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Wisconsin Badgers...ND was the first team I really followed on my own, and UW's 93 team featured three Racine starters.

Division 3 college: UW Whitewater Warhawks...I went there for a year and a half.  Loved it there.  Was a Perkins Stadium regular a few years before they became That Other Purple Team You Got Sick of Seeing in the Stagg Bowl.

CFL: Toronto Argonauts and Baltimore Stallions

Indoor soccer: Milwaukee Wave

Arena football: original Nashville Kats, original Milwaukee Mustangs, Iowa Barnstormers, Orlando Predators

Australian football: Essendon Bombers...and, depending on the time, Geelong Cats, Fremantle Dockers, and/or Adelaide Crows.  Carlton and Collingwood can get bent...come to think of it, so can WCE.

regular soccer: admittedly I only follow it loosely, but Arsenal.

college baseball: in recent years, surprisingly enough, TCU Horned Frogs...though since my boy Luken Baker's now in some crappy team's minors, not sure if I'll stick with em.

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My favorite sport is easily hockey. Always has been always will be. I can’t afford to play the sport, and if I had to choose my favorites to play it would be lacrosse/basketball.
Favorite players:
Team: Detriot Red Wings
Players: Mike Madano, Nick Lindstrom, Henrik Zetterberg, Wayne Gretsky

Team: OKC Thunder
Players: Reggie Miller, Micheal Jordan, Larry Bird, Allen Iverson, Kevin Durant

Team: San Diego Chargers
Players: Walter Payton, Ladaminon Tomilson, Peyton Manning,
Dan Fouts

NLL Team: Tornto Rock
MLL Team: Hamilton Nationals
Players: Casey Powell, Mikey Powell, Ryan Powell, Brodie Merill, Paul Rabil

THE Ohio State Buckeyes

Team: Los Angels Angels
Players: Tori Hunter, Barry Bonds, Mike Trout

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On 11/9/2014 at 10:55 AM, Brandon9485 said:

I was born and raised in Peoria IL, which is halfway between Chicago and St. Louis. A lot of my favorite teams came from my dad and most of them are local. I only cheer for one team that I do not have a geographic or academic ties to. I also like to bring up the fact that I was born in 1985, which were very good times for some of these teams.

St. Louis Cardinals- Peoria is Cards/Cubs battleground. I grew up listening to my grandfather telling stories about Stan Musial and Enos Slaughter, while my dad talked about Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, and Ted Simmons. Ozzie Smith was probably the first pro athlete I ever recognized and became a fan of. Around the age of 9 I found a VHS tape on the Cardinals 100th anniversary and got tied up in the history of the team. One reason chose to go to undergrad at SIU-Edwardsville because I would be close to St. Louis and the Cards. As a broke college student I spent $400 I didn't have to get a brick outside of Busch Stadium with my name on it. I am a Cardinals fan above all else and always will be.

Chicago White Sox- "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." I began following the South Siders in 2000 when they were running towards a division crown. You might not believe this, but I told everyone I knew prior to the 2005 season that the Cards and White Sox would meet in the World Series and I was almost right. Peoria native Jim Thome's arrival only strengthened my ties to the team. Now if they'd only dump Hawk and learn how to build a minor league system...

Chicago Bears- No team has been more frustrating to watch in my lifetime, but I can't imagine cheering for anyone else but Da Bears.

Chicago Bulls- I can't say that I watch the NBA much anymore, but growing up in the mid-90s with Jordan and Pippen was a sports fan dream. I vaguely remember the first 3-peat but I do remember Jordan's retirement, comeback, and subsequent 3-peat repeat. I have a lot of nostalgia for the mid to late 90s NBA.

St. Louis Blues- I wasn't much of hockey fan growing up. The Blues had a minor league affiliate in Peoria but I didn't start paying attention until I was in STL for college. St. Louis has a well earned reputation as a baseball town, but when it gets cold they support the Blues good or bad and I admired that. Plus when the Blackhawks started winning cups it seemed like everyone and their mother became a Hawks fan overnight. That only strengthened my fandom for the Blues.

Liverpool FC- After the 2006 World Cup I started to take an interest in the EPL. Liverpool had a player with the same last name as me, and I had never seen a pro athlete with my last name before. That was enough to decide my fandom and I've been singing YNWA ever since.


SIU Edwardsville Cougars- Went to undergrad there. They haven't been D-I for very long with no football team, but I'm looking forward to the day the mens basketball team makes the tourney for the first time

USC Trojans- I am a semester away from my masters from here. "Fight On" has become a personal motto. I am very proud to be a Trojan.

Illinois Fighting Illini- being an Illinois native, I believe that it's only right to cheer for the namesake state school.

Bradley University Braves- Peoria school. Some of my favorite memories with my dad are going to their games when they were a Missouri Valley basketball power in the 90s.

Chicago Fire- State team but if the MLS ever comes to St. Louis I'll probably jump ship since soccer is so big in that region.

Secondary teams I cheer for:

Washington Nationals/Capitals/DC United- I spent some time living in DC and tend to pull for these teams if they're playing.

Baltimore Orioles- I had a great uncle who lived in Maryland and I became a fan of Cal Ripken Jr. when he was going after 2131 consecutive games. My uncle told me he would take me to a game during the 1995 season when my family would be out there to visit. Sadly he died of a heart attack 2 months before we made it out there. Might sound sappy but when I finally made it to Camden Yards in 2011, I bought a ticket a for him.

Tampa Bay Rays- My mom, brother, and grandparents all live in the Tampa area. My brother is a Cubs fan so we were always giving each other a hard time growing up. The Rays have given us some common ground.

St. Louis Rams- I'll watch them if they're on.


I went back to see what I wrote for this thread. Most of it is the same, except for MLS. I never got into cheering for the Chicago Fire. The only MLS match I’ve been to was a DC United one and I had a great experience. I’ve been a fan ever since. I’ve also become a fan of LAFC. Their stadium sits on the site where my graduation from USC was held. Being next door to the Colessium and near campus, made them a natural team to cheer for.


I’m still waiting for MLS’s arrival in St. Louis. 

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