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I won't even bother looking back to see if this was something I replied to a while back because things have changed since this thread was created. But, here it goes:



1.) Baltimore Ravens - My dad purchased season tickets in 1996 and my family had them until January 2014. We were die-hard for a long time. Now we're lucky if we go to one game per year. But, we're still huge fans and in Richmond, VA, hardcore Ravens groups are hard to come by.


2.) New York Jets - These guys are more of a "I'll root for them when they make the playoffs" type of team for me. My dad grew up in New Jersey and his favorite team was the Jets before he switched to the Ravens in 1996. I think part of him still considers himself a soft fan to this day. Because of that, I give them my support, too.



1.) Baltimore Orioles - I know, I know, we suck. But, being a Ravens fan and a lover of Baltimore, it just comes natural to back the Birds.


2.) New York Mets - My mom grew up a Mets fan in Jersey and I adopted them as my NL club.



1.) Anaheim Ducks - My best friend in public school was a Mighty Ducks fan, and the films are what got me into hockey as a kid. The rest is sort of history. I've been rooting for them since 2002 and haven't looked back.


2.) Washington Capitals - The Capitals were the first NHL team I ever got into. Also living in Richmond, VA, they're considered a "home" club in the DMV.


3.) New Jersey Devils - I more or less root for them because my dad is a Devils fan being from Jersey.



1.) New York City FC - They are co-owned by Manchester City FC, my favorite Premier League squad.



1.) Washington Bullets (Wizards) - Honestly, I don't follow basketball that much anymore. That started to occur in the '90s when the team changed their name. But, I will support them here and there.


2.) Brooklyn Nets - My folks are originally from NJ and I loosely followed the team growing up.



1.) Old Dominion University - I attended ODU for a year and the school is still a big part of me. I continue to support their football program.


2.) Virginia Commonwealth University - I graduated from VCU this year and support their sports programs, especially basketball. After their Final Four appearance, I was sold.


Premier League

Manchester City FC - I didn't get into the club until 2010. But, I watched a documentary about the fan base and loved their underdog spirit at the time. Now they've had a nice decade of success.

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  • NFL :Miami Dolphins
  • MLB: Chicago Cubs because my dad raised me on the Cubs during the WGN cable years.  I would come home from school and turn on WGN first thing.
  • NHL: Detroit Red Wings
  • AHL : Tucson Roadrunners (hometown Tucson team)
  • Overseas Soccer: Flamengo (Brazil), World Cup (Brazil & Mexico)
  • NCAA: Arizona State University (Alumni)
  • Liga Mexican del Pacifico (Mexican winter league ball): Naranjeros de Hermosillo.
  • Liga Norte de Mexico (Mexican summer league rookie ball): Tiburones de Puerto Penasco (I vacation quite frequently in this tiny mexican beach town just 4 hours from Tucson,AZ & met spouse here.)
  • NBA: I can't really latch on. 
  • Second favorite teams/teams i have a soft spot: NFL: Buccaneers (love the uniforms & logo), Rams (Wife's team), Detroit Tigers (AL team love the old english D and old school tiger face logo in the rondel), Red Sox (wife's team).

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nba: knicks

mlb: mets

nfl : giants

nhl: i don’t really watch hockey but the devils, I have to support the last remaining team in my state

mls: red bulls

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NBA - Phoenix Suns - Since watching them in the 1976 Finals

NFL - Arizona Cardinals - Since they moved to Arizona in 1988. Prior to that the Dallas Cowboys since they were the team we got on TV every Sunday while I was growing up.

MLB - Arizona Diamondbacks - Since they started play in 1998. Prior to that I followed the Oakland A's (1972-74), Cincinnati Reds (1974-78) and New York Mets (1978-98).

NHL - Arizona Coyotes - I'm still trying to become a real fan of hockey.

NCAA - Arizona State Sun Devils - I'm not much of a fan of college sports the way they are currently run however, and don't watch much of it.

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NBA: Bulls - I grew up in the Jordan era. 

NHL: Sharks - No teams breaks my heart every year than the Sharks. 

MLB: Giants - Born and raise in the Bay. 

NFL: 49ers - See above 

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Born on the North Side of Chicago. Grew up in the Chicago area suburbs. Currently live in Maryland for the last 16 years.


For obvious reasons, I'm a fan of the:






Baseball is a little bit sketchier. I started out life as a young White Sox fan in 1990 because of the Bo Jackson signing. Absolutely loved Frank Thomas too.


But White Sox management being involved in the construction of that God-awful stadium they play in, the 1994 MLB strike, the 1998 White Flag Trade, the constant empty seats, running the payroll like a mid-market team in the 3rd largest market in the country, and the hiring of former player lackeys/all out buffoons such as Terry Bevington, Jerry Manuel, Ozzie Guillen, Robin Ventura, and Kenny Williams wore extremely thin over the years.


I started rooting for the Cubs as my 2nd team in 2006/2007 after mom suddenly and tragically got sick and then passed on. She was always a North Side Cubs fan and always wanted me to root for them. So I did that to honor her. And why not? Chicago is fortunate enough to have two teams. Their "rivalry" was always pretty stupid. I'm living outside Chicago. I love my city. Why not root for them both to do well? They both represent the city I love.


But, the Drake/Adam LaRoche incident and Chris Sale jersey shredding tantrum were the last straws for me with the White Sox. The proverbial straws that broke the camel's back. I couldn't take it anymore. The White Sox are an absolute joke of an organization. Always have been. Their buffoonery long predates my time as a sports fan.


So I root solely for the Cubs. Even in an offseason like this one where the good vibes have all been White Sox heavy.

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On ‎7‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 10:25 PM, 4_tattoos said:

Homer alert. Deal with it!


  • NFL: Washington Redskins
  • NBA: Washington Wizards
  • MLB: Washington Nationals
  • NHL: Washington Capitals
  • MLS: D.C. United
  • Overseas Soccer: Western Sydney Wonderers (A-League). Copa90 videos about this club won me over.  As well as 1 FC Union Berlin in Bundesliga.
  • P5 NCAA Football: University of Maryland and members of the pre conference realignment ACC and Big East. Except for Miami and West Virginia.
  • Mid Major NCAA Football: Marshall, Temple & Cincinnati
  • NCAA FCS Football: All members of the MEAC, Towson, Georgetown & Penn
  • NCAA D1 Basketball: Maryland, Georgetown & George Washington
  • NCAA Division 2 Sports: All members of the CIAA, Shepherd University, University of the District of Columbia & Frostburg State University
  • NCAA Division 3 Sports: Salisbury University, Catholic University, Gallaudet University and Johns Hopkins University
  • Junior College: Prince George's Community College
  • Minor League Baseball: Bowie Baysox, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs & the Nationals' entire farm system
  • WNBA: Washington Mystics
  • Major League Lacrosse: Chesapeake Bayhawks

*bump for additions and some edits to previous categories*

  • Premier Lacrosse League: Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club (in the PLL's first season their roster was predominantly Maryland alums)
  • NBA G League: Capital City Go-Go

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Mexican Football

1. CF Monterrey - Before them I couldn't really relate to any team. I was 10 years old when I watched them lift the cup. Ever since, I have been a fan despite not being from Monterrey.

2. CD Guadalajara (Chivas) - My best friend's dad has seats and we would go to the stadium pretty much to every game. Watched them lift the Apertura 2017 trophy.

3. Leones Negros UdeG - The team from the university I am currently studying at. Saw them win promotion to the Liga MX in 2014 (and go right back).

4. Tecos FC - I played for this team's academy for ~5 years.

Rest of the World Football

1. Arsenal - Thierry Henry was in the cover of the first video game I ever played (FIFA 2004) and I've been following ever since I remember.

2. Barcelona - One of the greatest ever mexican players, Rafa Márquez, played here when I was younger.

3. Roma - Francesco Totti. Enough said.

4. Werder Bremen - I love their logo and jerseys.

5. Inter Miami - Rodolfo Pizarro moved there (so sad) and I want to keep on following him. 

6. Bordeaux and Plymouth Argyle - I managed them once on Football Manager and they have been in my hear ever since.

Mexican Baseball

1. Charros de Jalisco - My hometown team. I watched them win the LMP in 2018-19. Also the stadium is like 4 blocks from my house.

2. Rieleros de Aguascalientes - They are the closest LMB team to me. I like to watch their games whenever I can.


Toronto Blue Jays - When I started watching the MLB (about 3 years ago) they had 3 mexicans in Jaime García, Marco Estrada and Roberto Osuna.


Green Bay Packers - My mom likes the Green Bay Packers because one of her friends is from Wisconsin and is a fan of them. Guess it just rubbed off.


Boston Celtics - My dad taught me to root for the Celtics since I was a kid.


Toronto Maple Leafs - Hockey caught my attention just recently and since I like the color blue and the baseball team from Toronto, I decided to root for the Leafs.


Marquette, Saint Louis, Xavier and Gannon - I got accepted to these colleges and even though I stayed in Mexico, I follow them occasionally.

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MLB-Atlanta Braves and Toronto Blue Jays

NBA- New Orleans Pelicans 

NFL- Miami Dolphins 

NHL- Philadelphia Flyers and Winnipeg Jets 

FPHL- Columbus River Dragons

SPHL-Birmingham Bulls 

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I'm guessing there aren't many Braves/Spurs/Cowboys/Cyclones fans:

Dallas Cowboys - The first team I remember rooting for as a kid in San Antonio in the late '70s, bigger fan during Aikman/Smith/Irvin era.

Atlanta Braves - Started watching in '82 on TBS while living in Iowa. Dale Murphy is my favorite player in any sport.

San Antonio Spurs - Hometown team, but didn't follow basketball until the Spurs drafted David Robinson.

Iowa State Cyclones - I attended ISU at the same time as Fred Hoiberg and Troy Davis.

Secondary Favorites: Houston Astros/Texas Rangers (Nolan Ryan fan), Houston Oilers (Warren Moon), Iowa Hawkeyes (Dad's favorite)

Don't like: Mets/Phillies/Yankees, Lakers, Redskins/Eagles/Giants, Kansas/Nebraska

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Since this thread got bumped again, why not refresh and update, plus explaining my signature.


NHL - Anaheim Ducks: I watched the old Mighty Ducks cartoon on TV (which is on Disney+) when I was really young. I have no idea if I would have known or understood the connection to the actual team, but my parents obviously did because I have old pictures of me in Mighty Ducks gear, some of which is boxed up in storage somewhere.

MLB - LA Angels: I picked the Angels when I was younger because they were the Ducks local team. 

NFL - New York Jets: My mom went to New York sometime around the turn of the century and came back with a Jets shirt for me. I guess I could have just as easily been a Giants fan.

CFL - Calgary Stampeders: Hometown team

NBA - Utah Jazz: I've only really started paying attention to the NBA within the past five years or so and my favourite team wasn't that solid. I floated around a couple "favourite" teams to see what stuck, and I know I have some posts on the boards when I was a fan of these teams, with the Jazz being one of those potential teams because of how much I liked the 90s mountain jerseys. The Jazz were playing on TV one night, so I decided to watch. Rodney Hood hit a buzzer beater to win and I decided right then I was going to be a Jazz fan. So I've been a Jazz fan since December 16, 2016 (in now just looking up the shot again).

CHL - Calgary Hitmen: Hometown team

USports - Alberta Golden Bears: The university I go to

NCAA - Texas Tech Red Raiders: Two summers ago, I became friends with someone who was at Texas Tech at the time and I decided I would also follow the football team because I didn't really have a NCAA team that I was a fan of. I wasn't really intending on becoming a "fan" fan, but then I actually got really invested over the last two seasons. I also claimed the basketball team before last year's March Madness, which ended up being their run to the finals, so that turned out really well.

NLL - Calgary Roughnecks: Hometown team

Jr. A - Battlefords North Stars (SJHL), Drumheller Dragons (AJHL): In a prior life, I did colour for the North Stars and interned in Drumheller for the station that covered the Dragons, though the internship was in the summer

(Summer Collegiate) WCBL - Okotoks Dawgs: Hometown-adjacent team

MiLB - New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Vermont Lake Monsters, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers: New Hampshire has become a special place to me over the past two years and I went to a Fisher Cats game last summer. 

I really like Burlington and went out of my way to find the Lake Monsters office to spend a lot of money at the team store one day when I was there. 

I had a handful of MiLB hats previously, but the Timber Rattlers were the first one I went back and bought a second item from. This happening around the same time I created my Twitter account, so they were actually one of the first teams I followed.

(I still plan to keep collecting MiLB hats/merch and I have, but these three will probably remain my "favourite" teams. For the record, I also don't really care about any allegiances to the Angels system)

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MLB: Atlanta Braves

NFL: Carolina Panthers

NCAA: UNC, Charlotte 49ers

NBA: Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls (was die-hard when Jordan played)

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes

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On 3/2/2014 at 4:33 PM, TrueYankee26 said:

American Sports: Jets, Giants, Yankees, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Red Bull NY, Cosmos, NYCFC: Local teams.

College Football: Miami Hurricanes: Saw the 2001 team dominate and was hooked, also helps that a lot of my favorite players like Ed Reed, Jonathan Vilma, Willis McGahee, Jeremy Shockey etc. were on that team.

College Basketball: Connecticut Huskies and North Carolina Tar Heels: Got into UConn before the 2004 Tourney because of Emeka and UNC before the 2005 Tourney because they were the ultimate nemesis of the Dukies (never liked the Dook) and they use the beautiful light blue.

English soccer: Manchester United: Many reasons, namely Sir Alex, Rooney, Old Trafford (would love to go to a game someday)

Spanish soccer: Real Madrid: Ronaldo.

French soccer: Paris Saint-Germain: Ibra.

German soccer: Bayern Munich: Always been fascinated about Bavaria and Munich (the region and city they play in, hence their name), the logo and uniforms are great.

Italian soccer: AC Milan: Went to their game vs Chelsea @ Metlife and though they lost, they won me over.

Scottish soccer: Rangers FC: I don't know why, but I just see them as a cool team. Also have the cutest nicknames... Teddy Bears, Bluenose, and their fans jump around (i.e. Do the Bouncy) just like UNC.

Mexican soccer: Club America: I live in "America" (USA! USA!), they include North and South America on their crest, which makes us kind of feel included. Though Chicarito played at Chivas, I was pretty much destined to be an Americanista. They actually embrace the hatred non-Americanistas give them, their slogan "Ódiame Más!" means "Hate me more!"

Australian Rules Football: I'm a newbie to the sport, but Collingwood won my heart. Almost became a Geelong fan, but Magpie mascot >>>> Generic cat mascot.

An update on my favorite teams: A strikethrough on the teams in the quoted post are teams I stopped cheering for or only flirted with at the time (because of said reason on the quoted post). Also I am not as passionate about my favorite college sports teams as much as I used to but still generally cheer for those teams.


I only root for the Knicks now, did not know it at the time but my interest in the Nets was going south as they went east to Brooklyn. It is not the same as when they were here in New Jersey. Same reason why I stuck with the Red Bulls, although the NY Rangers I became a fan in the 2005-06 season.


To replace Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Glasgow Rangers (all 4 were in the flirt category on the 2nd sentence) were their respective rivals, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, and Celtic. Atleti, Dortmund and Celtic: their their more passionate fans won me over when I found out more about those teams. Juventus I always liked them as well and still actually have a soft spot for Milan.

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MLB: New York Yankees (Deal with it)

NFL: Los Angeles Rams (Was a fan of St. Louis Rams growing up..)

NHL: St. Louis Blues (Switch from Blues from the NY Rangers. Growing up it was the Mighty Ducks)

NBA: LA Clippers (Never had a true favorite but I like the underdogs so I go with the Clippers)

MLS: Toronto FC (A tossup between them or Seattle but I like Toronto a bit more)


NLL: Toronto Rock (Let's Rock!)

MLL: Stopped supporting this league years ago but used to like the Boston Cannons

Arena Football: Milwaukee Mustangs (I have their helmet as my profile pic)

CFL: Ottawa RedBlacks (Missed the Renegades but this team is better in every way)

Australian Rules: Western Bulldogs (Love the team song)

Rugby Union: SupeRugby- Highlanders, English Premiership- London Irish and Harlequins, Pro14- Newport Dragons, MLR- Seattle Seawolves

Soccer: EPL- Arsenals, A-League- Western Sydney Wanderers, J1 League- Kashima Antlers


Honorable Defunct Teams:

Hockey- Hartford Whalers and IHL/AHL Houston Aeros

Basketball: Seattle SuperSonics

Football: St. Louis Rams and the USFL Houston Gamblers

Baseball: Montreal Expos

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Chicago White Sox (I have a soft spot for the Pirates, but ChiSox are my team)

Denver Broncos

Chicago Bulls

NY Rangers

Notre Dame Football

Kansas Hoops

Tottenham Hotspur (I'm descended from their namesake)

Shamrock Rovers

Rangers FC

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On 8/19/2020 at 2:24 PM, jbird669 said:

Chicago White Sox (I have a soft spot for the Pirates, but ChiSox are my team)

Denver Broncos

Chicago Bulls

NY Rangers

Notre Dame Football

Kansas Hoops

Tottenham Hotspur (I'm descended from their namesake)

Shamrock Rovers

Rangers FC

Nice to have a fellow LOI supporter, and a Rovers fan to boot.

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Might as well throw my hat into the ring.


NHL: Ottawa Senators (Hometown team, my family are all fans as well)

NBA: Toronto Raptors (Closest team to me)

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays (Same as above)

NFL: Chicago Bears (I got a sticker set of team logos as a kid, and they were the first team I saw on there)

MLS: Toronto FC (Since I'm a Raptors/Jays fan as well)

CFL: Ottawa REDBLACKS (Hometown team)

AFL: Fremantle Dockers (Their purple caught my eye when I was learning about Aussie Rules)

NRL: Parramatta Eels (I got a shirt with their logo on it while thrifting once)

EPL: Manchester United (The only team I'll admit that I chose to cheer for as a bandwagon, but I haven't hopped off)

La Liga: Atletico de Madrid (Jan Oblak)

International Sports: Canada/Slovenia (Home country & country of origin for me)


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