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I won't even bother looking back to see if this was something I replied to a while back because things have changed since this thread was created. But, here it goes:



1.) Baltimore Ravens - My dad purchased season tickets in 1996 and my family had them until January 2014. We were die-hard for a long time. Now we're lucky if we go to one game per year. But, we're still huge fans and in Richmond, VA, hardcore Ravens groups are hard to come by.


2.) New York Jets - These guys are more of a "I'll root for them when they make the playoffs" type of team for me. My dad grew up in New Jersey and his favorite team was the Jets before he switched to the Ravens in 1996. I think part of him still considers himself a soft fan to this day. Because of that, I give them my support, too.



1.) Baltimore Orioles - I know, I know, we suck. But, being a Ravens fan and a lover of Baltimore, it just comes natural to back the Birds.


2.) New York Mets - My mom grew up a Mets fan in Jersey and I adopted them as my NL club.



1.) Anaheim Ducks - My best friend in public school was a Mighty Ducks fan, and the films are what got me into hockey as a kid. The rest is sort of history. I've been rooting for them since 2002 and haven't looked back.


2.) Washington Capitals - The Capitals were the first NHL team I ever got into. Also living in Richmond, VA, they're considered a "home" club in the DMV.


3.) New Jersey Devils - I more or less root for them because my dad is a Devils fan being from Jersey.



1.) New York City FC - They are co-owned by Manchester City FC, my favorite Premier League squad.


2.) LAFC - I love the Art Deco style branding and that Linkin Park are big supporters of them. Guilty by association, I guess.



1.) Washington Bullets (Wizards) - Honestly, I don't follow basketball that much anymore. That started to occur in the '90s when the team changed their name. But, I will support them here and there.


2.) Orlando Magic - I visited Orlando last year and really liked the arena and the fans in the area. Plus, I loved Shaq back in the day.



1.) Old Dominion University - I attended ODU for a year and the school is still a big part of me. I continue to support their football program.


2.) Virginia Commonwealth University - I graduated from VCU this year and support their sports programs, especially basketball. After their Final Four appearance, I was sold.


Premier League

Manchester City FC - I didn't get into the club until 2010. But, I watched a documentary about the fan base and loved their underdog spirit at the time. Now they've had a nice decade of success.

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  • NFL: Oakland Raiders & Seattle Seahawks (lived in Wa state for awhile and love the latest uniform and colors), LA Rams (to show solidarity to the wife when my teams are not playing them).
  • MLB: AZ Dbacks (home team), Toronto Blue Jays (fell in love with the 92' & 93' World Series teams when i was a kid),Boston Red Sox (wife's team to show solidarity) and I for various reasons i kind of like the Astros and Cardinals.  
  • NHL: Detroit Red Wings & Arizona Coyotes (home team worked at the arena for awhile - I have not been able to get into them since the rumors of moving and losing millions has come about, if they announced they were staying forever I would be willing to jump on board), 
  • Overseas Soccer: Flamengo (Brazil), I have not been able to latch onto a European big club, World Cup (Brazil & Mexico)
  • NCAA: Boise State University (alum) & University of Arizona Wildcats (living in Arizona)
  • Liga Mexican del Pacifico (Mexican winter league ball): Yaquis de Obregon
  • Liga Norte de Mexico (Mexican summer league rookie ball): Tiburones de Puerto Penasco (I vacation quite frequently in this tiny mexican beach town just 4 hours from Tucson,AZ & met spouse here.)
  • NBA: My interest faded during the superteam era but recently my interest has come back. I like the Utah Jazz (my original home state) and the Toronto Raptors.  As a kid fell in love with the purple Raptor jerseys. 

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NHL: Canucks

MLB: Giants

NFL: Ravens

NBA: Bring the Grizzlies back to Van

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