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Your Favorite Teams?


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L.S.U. - graduated from there (undergrad)

Georgia Tech - graduated from there (master's)

grew up in and now live in suburban New Orleans, so:

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Hornets

as stated above, went to GT in Atlanta, so:

Atlanta Braves

And since I was born in Biloxi, MS:

Mississippi Sea Wolves (ECHL)

I have family and have spent some time in the Tampa Bay area, so I have a rooting interest in their teams (when they're not playing one of my primary teams)

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Aside from living in Tempe (Phoenix)...

Soccer: Mexican National Team - Heritage, raised on soccer by gradfather, spent 1/3 of my life in Mexico

MLS Soccer: Waiting for MLS in Phoenix, support league in general

College: Arizona State - Undergrad ('06) & Grad (this year)

NFL: Cardinals - Fan since they moved here in '88

MLB: Dbacks - Fan since '98

NBA: Suns - Fan since youth

NHL: Coyotes - Fan since '96

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heres what i follow and i'm not explaining why i follow them because everyone already knows the genesis of my fellowship.



Blue Jackets

Brewers because the ball-in-glove logo is the symbol of our lord and savior B-i-G.

I'm glad to see you're still on board. I thought you were kidding in the NHL uniforms thread. Hopefully they don't prove to be as frustrating as the islanders.

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49ers: Most of my family was either Raiders or Rams fans in the '80s, so I just to go against them, I went with SF. Additionally, my favorite cousins lived up near the Bay Area, which led me up north versus heading south towards San Diego.

Angels: Similar situation, just replace Raiders/Rams with Dodgers. That and my dad hated driving to and around Dodger stadium. He loves Angel stadium becuase you can park anywhere and can just walk over to where your seat is (even if it is on the other side from where you parked).

Lakers: Living near L.A., this is a no-brainer. The Lakers was and are the team in L.A.

Ducks: Only because Kings are considered "gang-apparal" in most schools out here. That and Anaheim is way closer to me than L.A.

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Hmmmm.... Let me think.....

Trailblazers- I grew up as a Bulls fan (even though I'm from New York), and Scottie Pippen became my favorite player after Jordan retired. When he left the Bulls, whatever team he went to became my favorite team. I was a Rockets fan in 98-99 but than he got traded to Portland the season after. It's odd because I didn't really like or care for the Blazers before then. His favortism to me decreased over the years but I just stuck with the team even after he left and after they fell out of elite status.

Florida Gators- I started watching college football around the 94-95, specifically the national championship, and I just picked Florida to root for and stayed with them till this day. Plus, New York State doesn't really that much major college football teams.

Mets- Rooted for the Phillies in the 93 series and fell out interest of baseball. Got re-interested, and picked the Braves as my favorite (again around the 95 WS). However because I'm from NYC, I started to notice the Mets around 97-98. They started to actually become a good team just barely losing on the NL wild card race that season (the Mets were pretty irrelevant before then for a couple years) and really became a them since that season. I was a them and Atlanta till they played in the 99 NLCS which then the Mets became my favorite team and I my love for Atlanta became hate.

Lastly, Chiefs- Of course, I was only exposed to the Giants at a young age so I liked them when I began really watching the NFL but at that time one of my older brothers was a Chiefs fan around 94 (they were really good then) and I just imitated him. But since them I never stopped supporting them (while he has) which why I'm still a fan today.

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The Caps- the local hockey team, and hockey being my favorite sport...

Cal-my dad went there for law school, and since his real college doesn't play D1 sports, I choose Cal. My mom is from Sweden so no college team from her (this will probably change once I get a college of my own)

Sweden National Team (soccer and ice hockey)-because I have duel citizenship and this way I get to rub it in my friends faces when Sweden beats the US

Djurgarden IF-Swedish soccer/ice hockey team. It's from the area in Stockholm my mom was from

Red Sox-Have a good friend who roots for the Sox and first introduced me to baseball about 10 years ago, so I started following them because he did. Also my dad used to cheer for them.

Maryland Terps-local college

Nationals-local team

BC Lions-first introduced and watched the CFL in BC, and I still like it better then the NFL

Houston Texans-didn't root for any NFL team till a while ago and when I decided to start following I decided to choose the worst team to not be a bandwagon fan, figured the newest team will be the worst.

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MLB: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - I actually started as an Expos fan because, for some reason, I liked this card I had of Mark Langston(1989 Fleer, I b'lieve). I followed him to the Angels, where I've stayed ever since. Tim Salmon and Jimmy Edmonds kinda helped keep me an Angels fan. I'll continue to loosely follow any team Jim Edmonds or Darin Erstad go to. I actually own quite a bit of Cardinals garb, although now, I'm looking for Padres stuff.

NFL: Detroit Lions - Barry Sanders. Need I explain more? I've stayed loyal because, well, that's what you should do.

NHL: Detroit Red Wings - The whole Detroit connection with the Lions. I never really had an NHL team(I kinda followed the Kings, due to Wayne) until about 3rd grade, the year before they lost to Jersey in the finals. Sergei Fedorov was probably the guy I liked most when I became a fan.

NBA: Phoenix Suns - Again, a player made my decision. I always just liked players when I was younger, such as Shawn Kemp, David Robinson, Dominique Wilkins, Clyde Drexler, and Charles Barkley, who my brother idolized(of course, he's not a role model). When Charles went to 'Zona, both my brother and I became Suns fans. However, my favorite player switched to Thunder Dan, who I still idolize to this day. I was briefly a Heat fan during Majerle's stay, although I oddly didn't like the Cavs when he was there.

NCAA: Pitt Panthers - My brother went to Pitt, and I basically fell in love with the town. I always look forward to St. Patty's day, when I make my annual trip to drink my brains out in Pittsburgh. I half-assedly root for Notre Dame as well, along with colleges my favorite players attended(Central Mich., Okla. State, Oregon etc.)

IIHL: Sweden - Well, half the team plays in Hockeytown, so I might as well follow them. I've got nothing against the US, but Sweden's jerseys(circa 2002-04) are just things of beauty. My roller hockey team is actually the Fightin' Swedes, as I'm sure some of you may recall.

Football/Soccer: Italy/Juventus/Barcelona - I don't follow soccer closely at all. I couldn't name more than a player or two on any team, to be honest. I followed Italy in the '94 World Cup, and I've just kinda kept on keepin' on. I really only started liking Juventus about 2 years ago, since I made a poster of a soccer player, and I just used their uniforms. I like Barcelona basically because I have a kickass hoody of them.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: for those who've been around long enough, this one should be obvious...my first cousin play for that team. (He ain't exactly a scrub, either...) But I latched onto Tampa Bay as a young'n after my then-steppops put me on to the NFL. I can still recall the first game I ever watched...a contest between the Denver Broncos and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I remember really liking the white and orange team and then found out they were from Florida, and it was a wrap. (My uncle is a die-hard Dolfan...that also factored into play here.) Then, when my cuz got drafted by the Buccaneers in '95, it was a wrap.

Jacksonville Jaguars: this is my team B. Florida team. J'ville is about six-seven hours east of Pensacola, my hometown. Plus I loved their color scheme (and still do) when they first came out. I still ride with them, and will continue to (even if they really do become the Blaguars...phasing out the teal, that is.)

Florida State Seminoles: again, this is a family thing here; it's in the blood. Added to the fact that Tally-ho (Tallahassee) is only 2.5 hours from Pensacola, I done had several cousins (one being the same as mentioned up above) attend that institution. Plus, I loved their color scheme as a young'n, and it stuck. To this day, it still does. (So will my everlasting hate of any and everything Florida Gators...sorta kinda come with being a 'Nole, you know???)

As for other sports...I really don't care for any of them, which is why I have no favorite baseball, basketball, or hockey team.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: for those who've been around long enough, this one should be obvious...my first cousin play for that team. (He ain't exactly a scrub, either...)

Wait a minute...Derrick Freakin' Brooks is your first cousin? :blink:

I didn't know that. Just this morning NFL Network was playing their "America's Game" series on the '02 Bucs and Mr. Brooks was a large part of the story. My favorite moment though was Warren Sapp looking sick to his stomach on being drafted by the Bucs. He's wearing the hat and holding up the jersey all while looking like somebody just opened a bag of month-old fish right under his nose. :D

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: for those who've been around long enough, this one should be obvious...my first cousin play for that team. (He ain't exactly a scrub, either...)

Wait a minute...Derrick Freakin' Brooks is your first cousin? :blink:

I didn't know that. Just this morning NFL Network was playing their "America's Game" series on the '02 Bucs and Mr. Brooks was a large part of the story. My favorite moment though was Warren Sapp looking sick to his stomach on being drafted by the Bucs. He's wearing the hat and holding up the jersey all while looking like somebody just opened a bag of month-old fish right under his nose. :D

'Tis true...Mr. Brooks and I are cousins in the first degree.

And the television show you speak of sounds like it played the same clip the NFL Draft did a few years back in reviewing first round picks from like the mid-'90s...I do remember Warren Sapp looking like, well, "WTF??" at being took as the Buccaneers' #1. He seemed a bit relieved, however, when my cuz was also picked up in that draft. The rest, as the saying goes, is history...

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Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians because of my dad being a fan of them & I grew up and lived most of my life in Cleveland.

NHL-Had no team until spring 1991. I got into the North Stars run to the Stanley Cup finals. I was hooked on them. Then in 1993 they moved to Dallas. My sister lived there so now I could go visit her and go to Stars games too. Then in 2002 I moved to Dallas to be near my family. 11 years after I became a Stars fan. I also follow the Blue Jackets as I got to see a lot of their games on tv from 2000 to 2002 when I still lived in Ohio.

NCAA-I went to Kent State so I pull for the Golden Flashes but being from Ohio I'm a big Buckeyes fan.

NFL 1996-1998-No Cleveland Browns so I picked New England Patriots for my AFC team and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as my NFC team. I still follow & root for them except when they play the Cleveland Browns.

Living in Dallas I've become a Cowboy hater. I love to see them lose & I hate Jerry Jones. The Dallas Mavericks & Texas Rangers I can take them or leave them.

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I was born and am still living in Charlottesville, and have been going to UVa games since before I can remember, so I bleed orange and blue. It's funny, both my parents grew up in the DC area. My dad grew up worshipping the Terps and my mom went to UMD, but I hate them like poison.

As for the pros, I'm a Redskins fan because my parents would disown me if I wasn't

My favorite NHL team is the Caps because I don't follow hockey as closely as the other sports, and they're the closest to me geographically.

I like the Lakers because I distinctly remember the three-peat with Kobe and Shaq. I still follow them today even though I have no ties to LA whatsoever.

MLB is probably the most interesting. I am a Braves fan, because back when they were on TBS every night, I almost never missed a game. I loved Chipper and Andruw and Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltzie mowing down the NL East. Now that they're off of TBS and they're moving the R-Braves (who I frequently see play) and got rid of Andruw, I'm not as big a fan. But I still like 'em. I go to Nats games all the time and I root for them if they're not playing the Braves.

As for my most hated teams:

Dallas Cowgirls

New York Mets

New York Yankees

Every ACC team other than Virginia-especially those GOD-DAMN GOOD FOR NOTHING VIRGINIA DRECK CHOKIES

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Growing up in Northern Ireland you really have to look elsewhere for top class professional sports, although i still have to go for the Norn Iron football team!

The Wales and Llanelli rugby teams are passed down from watching my welsh Dad support them when i was a kid. The rest of my teams are all pretty much the first team i watched play each sport when i stayed up way past bedtime to watch them!

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Around my inception, an NFL team was born where a lot of my family lives...Tampa. They told me to not get involved in that Pitt/Cleveland rivalry so I took to them. I also took to the bright orange colors. I started liking the Hurricanes as the major college team. There was no baseball/hockey in the area, so I went with the home town teams Pens/Pirates. No b'ball up here so I watched Larry Bird and became a Celtics fan. So in conclustion...

NHL: Pens

MLB: Pirates

NBA: Celts

NFL: Bucs

NCAA: Canes

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  • 3 years later...

Blackhawks - I got the love for them from Clark Griswold wearing a jersey in National Lampoon?s Christmas Vacation. Plus the farm team plays in Portland.

Blazers - Oregon?s only pro team so I have to root for them, I guess. I don?t really care for any team in peticular, I?m more of a fan of certain players.

Redskins - I?m actually pretty new to full blown fan hood for the ?Skins. I always rooted for them as my NFC team. My AFC team was the Jets, thanks in huge part to Curtis Martin (my favorite player all-time). But with the addition of Mark Sanchez and a few other players I hate and Rex Ryan, I just couldn?t root for the Jets because I distanced them so much and lost my passion for them. I did some soul searching and realized I never truly like the team, outside of Curtis. With my love for the Redskins as my NFC team it was an easy transition to their fandom. Plus no one would question wether or not I was a bandwagon fan (because I never want to be one of those), based on a move to a perennial losing squad.

Rays - I never really had a baseball team per say. I went to a Dodgers game once and my mom loved the Braves, but neither of those rubbed off on me. There was however a young franchise that always caught my eye. I?m not sure if it was the gradient logos or the signing of childhood favorites the ?Crime Dog? Fred McGriff and Wade Boggs. Maybe it was the pure hatred for the Red Sox and Yankees (and the Jays, but on a smaller scale) and their idiot and/or bandwagon fans, that got me passionately infused with the team. But for whatever reason, they stuck.

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Oakland A's - I'm from the Bay Area and have always disliked San Francisco and its teams. That and dad was a former 30 year Red Sox fan who threw in the towel after Buckner in 86 and switched allegiance in to the A's in 87. Have also enjoyed being contrary to everyone outside my family that I know who are almost all Giants fans, particularly after 2010.

New England Patriots - I'm from the Bay Area, but the Raiders were in LA when I was growing up, and again SF teams hold no appeal. Grandma is a Pats fan.

San Jose Sharks - I'm from the Bay Area.

Sacramento Kings - From NorCal obviously, and was never a fan of the NBA until a friend who was die hard Kings introduced me to them in college. I was hooked.

San Jose Earthquakes - Again, Bay Area's MLS team...

San Diego Padres - picked them up as my NL team when I started visiting my future wife during the summer in SD. Fate seemed to agree because we eventually moved to SD and I started going regularly. Fell in love with the team and their ballpark which was a breath of fresh air after seeing MLB games primarily at the Oakland Coliseum my whole life (and PETCO is 2 blocks from where I spend most of my days right now and is my favorite stadium/ballpark in sports).

Lake Elsinore Storm - Padres' single A team who I regularly drive up to see play.

Santa Clara Broncos basketball - my alma mater

California Golden Bears football - my in-laws team which I adopted since my school was sans football by the time I got there.

San Diego State Aztecs baseball - started going after I moved to SD. Love watching Tony Gwynn's team.

AFC Wimbledon - English side that I started following after hearing their story which paralleled the Earthquakes story some (ie: team being stolen and replaced with an inferior team. Luckily the Dons have had a better go of regaining their former glory.)

Yomiuri Giants - Dad brought back a Yomiuri cap from a trip when I was a kid and I started following from afar which has gotten easier thanks to the web. Irony of ironies that my favorite NPB team shares their name with my most hated team in all of sports the, SF Giants.

BC Lions - Have always loved Vancouver (I'd like to retire there someday). And is my closest CFL team. ESPN3 has made following them so much easier.

I have a crapload of teams that I follow regularly. But what can I say, I like sports.

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Cowboys - My all-time favorite team, period. (Football is my favorite sport) My dad is a Cowboys fan so naturally I became a fan as well and I've been one for as long as I can remember.

Lakers - I'm from Los Angeles and plus if you like basketball growing up in LA, you like the Lakers, not the Clippers (unless you're purposely rebelling just because or your family roots for the Clips.)

Raiders - I'm from LA, and I root them because my mom loves the Raiders. I will root for them to win every game, except when they play the Cowboys.

Angels & Ducks - Truth be told, none of my family members really like either sport so I never grew up with it, but just through being a sports fan (and a kid once upon a time) I watched those disney movies about the Angels and Mighty Ducks and I became fans of them. Watched both their championship runs, have been to a couple of games but that's about as far as I watch them.

LA Galaxy - My two best friends growing up loved soccer, and through them, I grew to love the sport too. So since they're the LA MLS team, I root for them.

Newcastle United - This one is a bit strange. I became interested in the club through a movie I watched (and I can't remember the name), plus whenever I played the Manager Mode in FIFA, I always chose Newcastle. So now I watch them whenever I can.

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