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Arizona dbacks retro concept


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I decided not to wait for a challenge from saintsfan to come up with this. I got to thinking about how the dbacks would look if they were around in the 60s. So I came up with this idea. The colors look a lot like the phoenix suns colors, and yes I did freehand that logo to give it the appearance of a hand-drawn logo that would likely have been used in that era. I also wanted it to look as if the current snake head logo evolved from it.


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Hmmm *points to his sig and avatar* do you think there's any way I WOULDN'T like this?  :D  I love it Shark, though I wonder if you're feeling well. You did a RETRO concept. Eh, this insanity is well liked by me anyhow. Perhaps you could consider a project where you did a retro of all the current teams with their current color schemes? Just a thought. High five on the concept.
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The design looks very clean Shark, but it doesn't look "retro" enough for me.

Teams really didn't start using a big diamond behind the logo on a regular basis until the mid-90s with Milwaukee and Texas. There might have been diamonds in the logos, but none that I recall used as the shape behind the mascot.

I don't think the A would have the snake striped in it either...it would most likely be just a plain white or cream "A".

I also think Arizona or Diamondbacks would be in script across the front of the jersey like most other teams from that era. Unless the "A" was more stylized, like the "NY" for the Yankees and the Old English D for Detroit, I think Diamondbacks in script would feel more in place for 1962.

When I think animal mascots from that time, I think either Cardinals or Orioles. Since you are using the snake head, similar to Baltimore, maybe there could be a "A" hat on the snake's head.The logo on the patch looks a little too 90s on the shoulder (did many teams have shoulder patches in 1962? inaugugural season maybe?)

I don't mean to be to nitpicky. You do have a nice style for retro-ish uniforms, but I think your design is too modern for 1962. (I want to see blousing flannel dammit!!) :)

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Wow that is awesome I love the shoulder logo and the primary logo you made.

The snake biting the ball in a diamond is brilliantr. You know I think its even better then the logo they actaully use if it could be modernized a bit keeping the same properties it would be a great current logo.

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BIG ups, Shark!  I too like the whole "retro-return" notion.

My ONLY criticism, believe it or not, is the '62 look you came up w/could be even MORE retro.  The snakeskin "A" the D'Backs used, graphic design of the 60's just wasn't that hip.

I was there in '62, after all.  The early 60's graphic representation of a snake would be far more literal.  Apart from the basic colors, the '62 D'Back uni/look might not resemble the current scheme @ all.  For the sake of fantasy fun, assume the current D'Back look evolved in the early 90's and was considered a "radical departure".  The "original" 60's

D'back look might've had team or city name in script; maybe the D'backs had scripting in the figure of a slithering snake,

THAT's 60's comic literalism graphics!    :D  Nice work, Sharky,

it could go even MORE retro.  Keep at it! :cool:

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