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Fantasy logo ideas


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Sweet illustration skills, but some pointers...

The Cougar/Predator head could have a sleeker cutoff.

The Green and brown don't seem to mix well inside the Bears logo, but it's not terrible. A green outline would probably be all it needs though. Also, he seems a little drowsy.

The Skull seems a little overdone with the highlights and shadows, and it seems a little too metallic. Overall it's not too bad though.

That Tigers logo from the Madden game just doesn't do it for me, but meh...

I like the Raptors logo a lot.

The forward facing eagle head seems like it's a tough thing to master. To me, it looks like the head is a little fat. That may be how it looks even if you traced it, but sometimes you just gotta play around with physics in a drawing to make it look good.

Overall, awesome job!

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Predator- What is a cutoff?

Bear- I have a green outline on it, and yes I dont like the colours very much, I think I'll try a dark yello. I  also think he looks stoned.

Tiger- I just changed the tiger from navy blue to black and then changed the shades of blue, Its my least favourite though

Republic- I'll try to narrow the head in a bit

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Yeah.  That bear definetely looks stoned.  Other than that... very solid.  Except alot of the same critiques STL had.  I like the Arch logo alot... not the team name though.  'Arch' just doesn't do it for me.
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