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Fantasy team concept package

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i decided to change to Nevada to expand my teams market :D . Actually, I prefer the sound of it -- Don't care if it's almost identical to a colleges identity (i believe). I also decided on the logo, changed the color scheme, named and logo'fied my stadium, changed the jerseys, changed the wordmark, alternate logo, and maybe other stuff.  Became a wee bit distorted during uploading.



Please Comment...  :D

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Looks great, but what about the helmets ?!? :D

yeah... i don't have a good helmet template.  But the helmet would be the primary logo on a dark blue helmet with a dark blue facemask.

Also - I chose this logo because it resembles common wolves (Probably gray/grey wolves?) more than the other logo did.

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:D  :D  :D  :D

that is great.  Yeah, the "coming soon" is the fashion jersey -- all the big time rappers are wearing the jerseys with "coming soon" on the front to announce their presence is arriving shortly.  that was my motivation  :D

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