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Ottawa senators jersey options


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I recently purchased an uncrested Ottawa 67's jersey. Here is a picture of it.


I have two options for what I would like to do with it.

OPTION #1 is based on the original Ottawa Silver Seven from the 20's. Back then they won several Stanley Cups and wore commemorative patches the following year. Here are some samples from NHLUniforms.com to show you.


Here is a patch from the NHL patch collection that I own that I could put on the front.


I would then have a number added to the back in the same style as the old examples shown above.


Option #2 is to go with my own "Modern Throwback Alternate". Here is an example of the concept by our own Jezus_Ghoti that I just love.


I can get the same modern crest and matching shoulder patches to put on it, along with a modern name and number kit to have it done up as a Lalime, Hossa, Alfredsson or Bondra.

About the only hang up to this idea is currently only being able to find shoulder patches that are the same design as the main crest, not the "S" style of the current road white or the "Tower/Maple Leaf" of the current alternate (my first choice).

Which would you choose and why?


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ordinarily, i'd say go with the modern style.  since you say the 2d centurion is hard to find in patch form rather than crest form, maybe this once a true throwback would be a better idea since you already have a patch...although i'm glad you're not planning on putting DAIGLE 91 on the back :laugh:
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what about maybe putting the alt logo (the front view of the senator) on your modern throwback

I've not seen one for sale on ebay since I came up with the idea. I'd certainly be open to it, but all I have seen is the original profile logo in main crest and shoulder size. If anyone knows a source for some other options, I'm open to it.


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What about the ultra-old-school big "O" on there?

They have sold the 'heritage sweaters' with the "Big O", but I've always passed on them. Looks too much like a "zero" I guess...

I also have a reprint of hockey cards from 1911 that I used to make a t-shirt design and the Sens didn't use the "O" that early, so that's always looked 'right' to me without it.

Odd, the comments seem to favor the 1904 sytle, but the voting is 50/50.


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