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Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland


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Wasn't that hyped up until yesterday, now I can't wait for some hot Euro action! :D

Going to go get the beers soon to play the "International Football Tournament Drinking Game" first used in Euro 2004. Here are some of our rules, feel free to add your own.

1 Shot for every:

- yellow card

- blatant dive/player rolling about like he's been shot

- nutmeg - penalty of 1 additional shot for anyone who doesn't shout "NUTS!"

- goalkeeper clearing the ball over the halfway line

- mispronounced player name (Greece vs Russia should be fun...)

- time a brass band starts to play

3 Shots for every:

- goal

- penalty

- red card

- reference to England's absence from the tournament

- reference to Total Football during a Netherlands game

- reference to a Ronaldo transfer during a Portugal game

Bonus rounds:

- Corners: Put a name on who will touch the ball first after the corner is taken. If you guess right, everyone else drinks.

- Penalties: Guess where the peanlty taker will put the ball. If you guess right, everyone else drinks.

By the end of the tournament I'm sure there will be more rules. Oh, and play this with beer, I wouldn't want to be responsible for any mishaps.

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I'm really hoping Ronaldo can play the way he has for Man U. I'm surprised they gave him the "C". Personally I think they could have given it to some of the other Veterans, maybe Deco, Maniche even.

2-0 Portugal

A goal by Maniche from Outside the box and the Golden Boy with one off of the free kick.

Time to switch up the ol' sig.

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The Czechs show how completely useless they are, yet somehow get 3 points out of the match. Unlucky Switzerland.

And as for the other match, folks in Geneva can find the "Have you seen Cristiano Ronaldo" milk cartons in their local stores this coming morning. Thankfully for Portugal the rest of their group is completely toothless now (thanks to Alexander Frei, today's most active striker--and that's saying something, going down injured) in the attack, but until they get a real striker not named Pauleta, they'll still be screwed.

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In Yesterday's action...

-Croatia defeats Austria 1-0. There were times that Austria could of tied the game, but it seems that the Croats were more then happy to just half ass their way to victory. I'm sorry, but that kind of bull is NOT going to cut against stronger opposition, Croatia.

-Germany blanks Poland 2-0. Can I say this... I think Poland is Germany's bitch when it comes to soccer (12-0-4 German advantage in the series now). I think after this, it's fair to say Germany is head and shoulders above everyone else in this group.

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There's only one word to describe how Les Bleus played today: Shatty. If they were playing anybody better than Romania, they would've lost by 2 goals.

Oh well, the main even is up next: Azurri vs. Oranje. Let's go, you flopping bastards. :P

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