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Logo And Uniform Prototypes


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Nah - Philadelphia is too many letters to be put on a jersey using that font.

I think the prototype shows that it could work rather well.

I think the prototype proves my point.

We'll have to agree to disagree, then - to my eye it works very well on the prototype. If you don't agree, you don't agree.

Think about how it would look on a youth-sized jersey.

The same as an adult-sized jersey, unless the Phillies become the only team in Major League Baseball not to scale the letters down for kids merchandise....

Yeah, but that's a lot of letters to scale down and squeeze in there. The red center and white outline would end up being ridiculously thin after scaling.

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1975 ABA Baltimore Claws prototype



The team wore modified Memphis jerseys for the three preseason games it existed for, folding before ever wearing these on the court.

That is an awesome find. The best part has to be the "Brooks Robinson Sporting Goods" label.

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On the other hand--here's a cool one-

In 1984 the CFL granted a conditional franchise for a Halifax team--the Atlantic Schooners--they never got their act together and so never played a game--but they did have a cool logo-


This is great knowledge, had no idea about this. At first glance, I liked the logo. Then I studied it and the execution is far less impressive than the design idea.

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From the same website where you got that graphic:

When the Houston Oilers first moved to Tennessee, a group of fans started a movement to change the team's name to reflect their new home. They even designed a helmet like the one above to represent the new identity, while keeping a link to the past with the oil derrick logo. The actual logo may have been more faint, almost barely visible.
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From Logo server, the Flames -


I can't trust any serious logo website that includes Zephyr hat logos. Jeeeeeez. The raised embroidery is right there in plain view!

The flame coming out of the horse's nostril looks more like antlers.

It would look like antlers if they were coming out the side of the horse's head.

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Eww, That schooner logo is horrible.

What's horrible about it?

It combines an "A" for Atlantic, the waves and sails--and it streamlines it beautifully. The colours combine well, and while the shades have been changed a bit, they reflect Halifax's municipal logos.

All in all a cool logo.

It is possible if the team had come to light they would have tweaked it a bit, but as is--I like it. A lot.

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