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Logo And Uniform Prototypes


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I know this thread has been dead for a while, but I wanted to bring it back with some updates. Hopefully some other people will have more stuff to add also.

I'm sure most of you have seen these Coyotes prototypes, but I wanted to post them anyway.




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Honestly I can't remember, but I do remember that it was a pretty reliable source. Actually, I had a reliable source confirm them for me, so I know they are legit.

That's cool. I was just wondering if they were print outs or from something published, just because the crease in the paper makes me curious.


Because Korbyn Is Colour Blind, My Signature Is Now Idiot Proof - Thanks Again Braden!!

Go Leafs Go!

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I owned all of those Brewers hats, even the dreaded green billed alternate and trust me, they were a mess.


But if you love it, and you're a 7 1/8th, here she is for 16 bucks


In fact, check out all their odd 90s hats for cheap. Loren, you must buy that wool Orioles hat. I demand it.


That logo is HUGE. The fan in the last row of the upperdeck could see that.

And yet the two letters blend together, making the mark illegible at anything more than four feet.

This was such a huge upgrade:


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Here are a couple for the Oilers...



I saw those browsing Photobucket a couple months ago, but didn't think anything of 'em cause they were pretty generic looking, plus the Oilers are already rockin' a 3rd jersey.


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I know these have been posted here before, maybe even in this thread but I'm too lazy to check right now:

proposed 76ers logos

From the same company,

-proposed Colorado Rockies Turn Ahead the Clock jersey (they wore a different purple one, but the black one was used):

proposed Rockies TATC

actual Rockies TATC

-MLS logo in red, white, blue, black (I don't think they ever actually used this, but I'm not a soccer fan so I could be wrong):

MLS logo

-proposed Mets-Cubs 2000 Japan Series logos:

Mets-Cubs 2000

actual Mets-Cubs 2000 logo

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Sadly both those Oilers concepts are better than what they have now.


I really wish the Oilers had went with something like the Bruins or Sharks -- perhaps something similar to what they wore at home during the 1996-97 season. Edmonton dropped the ball by trying to look half-way modern.


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Is everyone talking about the Oilers current alternate? Because I thought that is what everyone wanted to see them wear.

The new Oilers' alternate/throwbacks do nothing for me. Yeah, they're from Edmonton's glory days, blah blah blah...

Sorry, but I enjoyed those steel gear drop alternates a million times better.



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I also enjoyed those uniforms, but it seems like any team with any kind of history is going back to retro uniforms. I wish they would be allowed to wear the throwbacks once or twice a year and then have a completely different alternate.

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