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MLB Spring Training Begins!


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I dunno if this is new for the 'Spos, but here they have red caps and it looks to me like the script is pushed up at more of an angle..

Those Expos red hats have been used for a few years. The script does look a little high on the jersey, but it has always been angled.

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Actually, I have a VERY picky taste in hats (does this belong in a new thread? yes.)

I can't stand low-profile hats. I guess my head is long from top of ear to top of ear.

I like the fit of "The Franchise" caps, pre-worn in (XL) And most fo the Zepher line.. i have on a "The Z Hat" Thrashers hat right now (7 5/8)

Most other hats sit up on the top of my head like a yamika.

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Is it me, or does Hentgen look like he oughta be wearing a mesh cap and one of those red plaid flannel jackets?

Absolutely it does...

How can he bear to wear that new stuff when he was one of the guys lucky enough to wear the winning Blue Jays threads.

Compare for yourself...


Hentgen - Old Style


Hentgen - New Style

Is it just me, or does that graphite just look like a cap that used to be black, but thanks to sweat, sun, and washing machines, it's become significantly lighter? Doesn't look right to me at all.

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:puke: graphite hats

They shoudl stick with the one thats dark blue and almsot looks black.

dark blue almost black? they don't have any caps, ever, that were dark blue almost black.

Unless you're thinking that their road caps are dark blue, which they aren't, they are 100% black.

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