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MLB Spring Training Begins!


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Ahh yes the slimmed down Giambi and belive it or not he did it by not eating at fast food places like McDonalds and Del Taco it had nothing to do with him no longer on the juice.


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so wait, the blue jays BP cap is graphite? or are they just wearing the graphite game caps?

Good question, I think they're just wearing the game caps... the BP caps are supposed to be black.

Last season I attended 75 MLB games and saw 2 players wearing their proper BP caps, I think the players don't like them too much.

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Garth Brooks is with the Royals now he was with the Padres in 1999 and the Mets in 2000. I was able to get his autograph on opening day in 2001 he stayed in front of Shea for 2 hours signing that day.

Any way I digess lets hope he gets more hits in KC then he did with the Mets where he got 0 which is the same as me that year except I didnt get an At Bat.

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This is the least pumped ive' been for the start of a new red's season in probably five. In years past I was either excited because of new uniforms or I thought they would be good or The nbew ball park. This year they will suck, griffey will get injured, and they will lose over 90 games. but you never know, they might surprise me that is what is so great about spring training.

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Ken Griffey Jr may be the biggest bust in the history of baseball since joinning the Reds in 1999 he was voted on the All Century team today the idea he belongs on that list is laughable.

After 3 years now its hard to imagine he ever will bounce back, and regian his form.

The Reds should just dump him and start over, if they commit to rebuilding they coudl be back in a few yearts, sometime tearing it down to rebuild is the smart thing to do.

Do the Reds have any Rookies taht may be worthy of excitment, look at them and hope maybe they can get you to .500.

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Rod Beck, Padres


Javier Vazquez, Yankees


Gary Sheffield and Alex Rodrigues, Yankees


Jeff Daniels... I mean Curt Schilling, Red Sox


Miguel Batista and Roy Halladay, Blue Jays


Miguel Tejada, Orioles


and the one that stings the most....

Vladimir Guerrero, Angels


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