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"Trenchtown Rock" Soccer Team Concept...


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not sure if i'm the only one here, but i'm a fan of bob marley.... one of his best songs, in my opinion, is called "trenchtown rock", which is about a section of kingston called "trenchtown"

well, i was listening to this song, and i got the idea that "trenchtown rock" would make a great team name for someone... so i thought about it, read a little bit, and it turns out that bob marley was a big soccer fan... so it only seems fitting that my trenchtown rock concept be a soccer team.

now, i normally don't go this indepth to explain my concepts roots, but i feel that to fully appreciate this concept, you need some background information.

for the logo, i made a shield, divided into 4 quarters. in the top left corner, is the face of bob marley. in the bottom left, it's the jamaican flag. on the bottom right corner, i have the face of a lion, because lions are very important in jamaican culture... and are also the inspiration for dreadlocks. in the top right corner, i have music notes, to represent the song that the team was named after, and in the background of the top right corner, is a checker pattern. checker patterns are used in the reggae and ska culture to represent unity between all races. i'm very proud of this logo... it's not the most graphically stunning logo ever, but i think it's a very solid and timeless look, with a lot of depth to it and a lot of meaning... that's what i was going for. summing up an entire philosophy in one crest :)

ok, now, the team plays in jamaica, so obviously, these "kits" are going to need some hard-core ventilation... it's pretty spicy in jamaica... so, i tried to get creative with some of the mesh patterns... i saw some south american teams on fox sports world recently, and noticed just how many places they had thin mesh to cool off. so i tried to include some of that in this concept... and still keep a level of fashionability. the colors are those in the jamaican flag, and yes, on the sleeve cuff, that is a jamaican flag...

enough blabbering, now i'll show you the concept :) i've spent a decent amount of time planning this concept, so any and all suggestions or comments are more than welcome.

(c&p, it's still geocities)

logo: http://www.geocities.com/cole_thebrokenhoc...r/TRFC-LOGO.jpg

uniforms: http://www.geocities.com/cole_thebrokenhoc...r/TRFC-UNIS.jpg

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The shield lines and borders aren't very smooth, but the four components of the shield look really cool.

Jerseys are nice. The black part on the white jersey is very cool. I assume the gray parts are mesh. I like the white better than the dark. The dark one seems just like a ringer t-shirt with numbers and a crest, but such is the nature of many soccer jerseys. I don't know if taking the black part of the white jersey, making it yellow, and placing it on the black jersey would look like, might be cool, might be crappy. Overall, nice work.

P.S., could you post your template. I have one, but it doesn't look as good.

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As a huge soccer fan, I have to say those jerseys are amazing. I love the whole scheme, and the logo is pretty original.

One question: where can I find the template for that soccer jersey you used?

Great work, nonetheless.

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thanks for the feedback everyone...

i made that temp a while ago, using roger's football template as a base. i posted it when i made it, but i suppose i'll repost it... i'll put it in the templates thread

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