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AJ Feeley to Miami


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i've been wondering for a while...why do people who mention fiedler always say he's not capable of being an nfl qb? cus it's been pretty evident to me he is. ask me, the only reason i'd see for all the discounting is that he's not marino, but as we know, there's only one of those. it's sad, really. i'm afraid for the guy who takes over behind center in GB after favre calls it quits for that reason...like fiedler's not marino, nall or whoever's there will not be favre.

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I think Feeley is very capable of being solid as a starter. In fact, I'm surprised a team didn't deal for Feeley after last season.

I don't like Fiedler at all. However, I saw Brian Griese when he was a top QB in the league (for a few weeks, anyway) and those years are far behind him -- so they needed to get someone. (And yes, there was a year in which Brian Griese was statistically the best QB in the league -- but then hurt his shoulder against the Raiders on Monday Night Football, playing in his blood soaked jersey and has never been the same since.)

I think they've very capable of winning the AFC East, now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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