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Sunyit By Phoenix Design


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I like it. But you tell me if you agree, the school will use the head alone often. It seems pretty clear that, unlike most wildcats, the head is detachable (the lines forming it seem distinct from the body)

Not a complaint, it is a very good logo, just something I noticed

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Too busy to me... I'm all for a little detail, but to me the logo is dependent on it's crazy amount of lighting and shading, which will be tough to replicate at anything relatively small.

It still doesn't stand out from any of the other college logos they've ever done. Same plop, another day.

(edit: the profanity filter is awesome... it substituted "plop" for the SH word.... golden, just golden.)

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Phoenix sucks.

This logo is bad for all the above listed reasons (testicle nose included)

But also the jaw is jacked and this is what I hate most.

You can exagerate the muscularity of something, without making it human. This stupid thing has weightlifter arms. As if there aren't enough amazing, visible muscle groupings going on in a feline.

Adding human traits to logos isn't wrong by any stretch. Especially with the eyes and facial expressions, but it must be done subtley and for a purpose and this is a case where its stupid and I cant stand it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and nice kerning on the text there boys.

I'm sure the W IL DCA T S think it looks great.

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Or this other "beauty" by Phoenix...


From looking at all of these I can tell two things:

#1. The guys at Phoenix have no idea what kerning is or how to use it. I'd venture to say they never even bothered studying typography at all.

#2. All of their wordmarks look the same: condensed, italicized, and TERRIBLE.

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