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Favorite Sports Teams


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We did this a LONG time ago, but what the hell....

NHL-Montreal: Closest Canadian team. Also my dad's favourite team....

NFL-Miami: I don't consider any team a home team here, so I just go with Miami becasue that was my first hat...

MLB-Expos National, Red Sox American, because they were the closest teams. And I hate Toronto. I only went for them in the 92 and 93 series.....

NBA-I kinda liked the Grizzlies, don't really care anymore...

CFL-Sask Riders. Watch them becasue Montreal didn't have a team when I was young. I NEVER switch teams, though I kinda like the Als.

Premier-Liverpool, because I know the director of youth development and legend Steve Heighway!

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MLB Mets I was getting into sports in the mid 80s when the Mets had stars like Keith Hernandez, Gary Carte and Dwight gooden, and even before that I was a fan of Rusty Staub.

NFL Dolphins I was a fan of Dan Marino and A.J. Duhe when I was 8 and I stayed a fan of teh Dolphisn as Marino broke all the records.

NBA NJ Nets becuase they are from New Jersey, atleast for now. :mad:

NHL Devils becuase they are form NJ run a team right and the Rangers pissed me off :mad:

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AL: Detroit Tigers (only team i've ever considered getting season tix for, and did during the teams worst stretch in history! :censored: YOU MIKE ILITCH!(owner of the tigers & red wings))

NL: NY Mets

NFL: Detroit Lions

NBA: Detroit Pistons, NY Knicks (liked them since Bernard King dropped 60 on the pistons in the silverdome)

NHL: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton (all because of Hockey Night in Canada), Detroit (hometown), Boston (i wore #4 growing up), NY Isles (because of Mike Bossy), Atlanta (close enough to where i live now)

NCAA: Michigan State University, Lake Superior State University (my alma mater)

Premiership: Newcastle United

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NBA - New York Knicks

There was a regional attraction at the time when I first started to follow them (early 90's)

MLB - Atlanta Braves

I use to watch a lot of minor league baseball as a kid and some of my favorites players at the time ended up in Atlanta (Mark Lemkie, for example).

NFL - Carolina Panthers

Its kinda funny that I'm saying this on the board, but I started rooting for them cause I decided to pick up one of the new expansion teams (Carolina or Jacksonville) when they played in the Hall of Fame Game eight years ago and started rooting for the team that had the better logo. After that and then moving to Charlotte 7 years ago, they stuck.

NHL - Philadelphia Flyers

When I first started truley watching the NHL, I hated the Flyers because I was watching the Playoff series between them and Tampa Bay because Lindross looked like a dirty player. After that, I just started following them and I became addicted. They are the one team that I follow the most now.

NCAA - NC State University / Syracuse University / University of Maine

NC State - My school, enought said. Ok, I grew up in Syracuse so when you are stuck in the house because of snow you have no other choice than to chear for the Orange. And since neither school has NCAA hockey (Athough State has a very respecable club progam on the rise - selfless plug) Maine is my Hockey school.

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MLB: Boston Red Sox

What else team does a Yankee-hater root for???

NFL: New England Patriots

Dating back to Pat the Patriot :P

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves

Just used to like their old sleddog type logo

NHL: (current team) Boston Bruins (defunct team) Hartford Whalers

I know I did the ultimate sin by switching from team to their rival, but there the closest team and I HATE the Rangers.

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NFL-Green Bay Packers. I live for the green and gold of the packers, theyre my #1 team out of any team of any league and always will be no matter what

MLB-Toronto Blue Jays-because theyre close and iv been too so many games theyve become my favourite team. hopefully this year theyll make the playoffs but that looks so unlikely now that the division of death has added arod curt schilling etc etc

NHL-Ottawa but, I root for all Canadain teams.

NBA-Toronto Raptors

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NBA: Utah Jazz

I was born and raised a Jazz fan for life. I saw them through from the beginning.

MLB: Seattle Mariners

My sister lives up in Seattle and ever since they landed Ken Griffey Jr. in the late 80's I couldn't deny my loyalty to them.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers

I loved Joe Montana and Mr. BYU Steve Young when I was growing up. Let's not forget Jerry Rice. I've always and will forever be a Niners fan.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins

My wife loves them and I can't think of too many others teams to choose.

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NHL: Thrashers

Went to the first game, and have been to quite a few since. Rode the Zamboni. Love my Thrashers.

MLB: Braves

Its the home team, and back when i started liking them (went to my first game in 1986) it was easy to get great seats.

NFL: Hard Choice. I have a lot of teams I root for in the NFL. I guess my fav is the Falcons, cause Vick is cool, and by cool, I mean totally sweet. I like the Titans, Eagles, 49ers and texans, too.

NBA: Does this still exist? Bah.

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MISL: Milwaukee Wave GO WAVE!

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers

NFL: Green Bay Packers

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs (don't ask how this team became my favorite, im not sure I even know)

NCAA: Marquette Golden Warriors

MLS: Chi-town Fire

AHL: Milwaukee Admirals (I've been to like 3 games in my life, and they where all when the Admirals where still in the IHL. For some reason they always played the Wolves (Chicago) when i went and would also lose to them pretty poorly also. I remember exiting the arena chanting along with the 8k faithful "The bears still suck!" *sniff* good times

AFL: Milwaukee Mustangs, but existing team uhh the Rush

European Soccer team (yes its general I know): PSG or for others Paris Saint Germain

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