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Lasalle University Releases New Logo

VandyDelphia Mike

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It's ok, but why is Monsieur LaSalle poking himself in the face with a wooden peg-leg? Did he have some sort of pirate fetish?

Not to bemoan LaSalle's choice of mascot, but I would hesitate to play up the "French" aspect in athletics, unless the sports teams are planning on hasty retreats, poor defense and the use of taunting as a game strategy (I fart in your general direction, you silly ki-ni-gits!!!)

Seriously, it is pretty good. Not as good as the old UVa Cavalier (or the very cool Zephyr X-line version), but a decent explorer.

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Well, the French have bailed us Americans out about as many times as we've bailed them out- we've just bailed them out more recently is all.

French (err, "freedom" :rolleyes: ) jokes aside, I think this is a really nice logo. Does it completely engage or excite me? No, but it doesn't make me recoil in disgust like many new logos have. All in all, a pretty good job, IMO.

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Yeah, all proper respect to the French. They do get a bad rap, and hey, in the case of Iraq, they are looking more and more right all the time. Damn their

intolerable patience!!!!!

Also, definitely a French explorer, wide brimmed hats with feathers were never the style in Spain. The Conquistador helmet was much more common, and if not, a more modest hat. French nobility loved the high fashion stuff. And besides, it's supposed to be LaSalle, right? I doubt it is modelled after Desote, DeLeon or Henry Hudson.

I actually met a guy in Mississippi once who claimed to be a direct descendant of LaSalle, but he was a total nutjob, so I don't buy it. (He claimed that as a Christian and a Historian, he could not support democracy, since Jesus clearly believed in absolut monarchies as the only acceptable political system. Recently he sent letters to Queen Elizabeth, insisting that she invade Australia to reestablish dominion over her colonies once more, yikes!! Did I mention nutjob?)

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