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yeah I hate the Sabres logo too ... as if everyone who has read my words or seen my work wouldn't know that (ie., blue and gold ).

Anyways, I was pretty adament about changing up the name from Stampede or Blast, but joe's in charge on this one, and he's made promises to his crew that it would be one of those names. And the lesser of the two evils in my mind is clearly Stampede.

So, heres the first ideas I threw together ... Sterling, you can see what i meant when I said my sketches closely resembled what you put together already. I didn't put too much thought into the color scheme, will do that later, for now I pretty much borrowed your scheme Sterling, as I think something close to this would be best.

Not a whole lot of detail is final here, but you can get the idea, and please do throw the feedback at me. I was trying to capture the silent aggression found in buffalo. Unlike bears and lions and the like, the buffalo doesn't growl or express its aggression through its face (not to say the artistic liberty you have taken Sterling isn't warranted, and very intense, I think it works very well).

Like Sterling has alluded to with his concepts, I think putting the loose presence of the feet charging beneath may add to the energy and relevance of Stampede. So that may be the first addition I make, along with about a hundred little detail fixes that I know need tweaks.





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Well, here's an idea I have for the Blast name option. It's not anywhere near complete, but I thought I'd post it for some feedback before proceding. Let me know what you think or what you suggest. It seems a bit bland and flat to me right now. The wordmark needs a lot of work too. And I apologize for the poor quality.


js- I love those buffaloes. I agree that the name Stampede needs more than one animal for a logo. You may be right that they are without too much detail, but I like that. Simplicity is often good. They read quite well. Of the two concepts with three buffaloes in them, I like the first. Maybe the large black area at the bottom could hold a "B" or an "S"? My only suggestion is the nose area on the middle animal. The grays are a bit difficult to read. But great job overall.

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Have you ever stared at a word so long it loses all meaning?

Yeah, that's where this is right now. I finished the look of the animals, and the shield no longer works. But I like the shield. I think I need to take a break, come back to it, cut down on the dust and find a way to make the shield work.

Whatever, its not like I hate this. I dont. I kinda dig it. Its just............thbbb.


EDIT: Oh yeah, this strange shaped outline is obviously a casualty of the shield being gone. My legs n dust just broke all containment whatsoever and this is my late night solution to reign it all in.

Then I thought I throw in some other color combos for fun.



So yeah. I think I am done for a bit. Until we get a post from BProHockey at least. I'll let everything marinate for a day or so. Feedback still welcome. I'll take notes and get back to it soon.

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holy plop, sterling! that is absolutely some of the best work i have seen on these boards! absolutely amazing. i really couldn't tell you which i like the best, since all the color combos look great. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.


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:shocked: *bowsdown*

You guys are my heroes!!!!

That last update to your concept is just AWESOME sterling :notworthy::notworthy:

but I think you couldn't put this on a jersey or something, so I think you're right.. the shield would be a nice addition

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Forget the shield. Maybe use the funky outline. It don't matta, 'cause that is AMAZING. The legs and dust give it amazing depth. Love it.

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Just beautiful, Sterling. Absotively, posilutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

As for suggestions:

I'd still try white horns for at least the center bison (btw, I'd go with white teeth for him in the "Seahawks"-palette version as well).

As for the outer bison, I know what you're going for with regard to the shading of their outside horns (the "in shadow" effect), but I'd try coloring the outer horns the same as the inner horn on the right-hand bison... just for consistency. Those could be the non-white color you're using for the inner horn now (light gray, electric blue or powder blue), in order to communicate the shading.

I'd also go with the same color outline for the rear cloud segments.

Oh... and the color of the left-hand bison's "knee" has to be darkened in the Black/Grey/Orange version.


Brian in Boston

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Great logos guys.

Just one observation...or thought...

On using the shield versus the full body and smoke. The shied makes the Buff Heads look mounted for display over my fireplace. Go with the charging/dust Buffs looks more aggressive as well.

I also think with an tweaks you could use it for the blast, by giving it a winterish feel to it. Maybe add some cold breath to the nostrils to show it is winter or maybe making the Buffs come out of a storm front or clouds etc. I think winter storm when I hear Buffalo Blast.

I wish had time to enter but too many other things going on... plus these are some awesome designs.

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Sterling, whoa. I almost crapped my self when I saw the detail and work that went into that piece. Amazing job. The addition of the colors makes it even that much more fantastic. I think Brian hit it on the head as far as little touch-ups go. I love it.

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Awesome job, Sterling. I really like the black, gray, orange outline, but I'm not sold on the outline as you have it there. What if you just did a standard orange outline of the whole thing? I think that might look the best and fit the character of the design more.

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Sterling -

Really nice work. I like the third colorway, only because of the contrast it adds.

As far as bison behavior - they are very similar to cows. Very similar. Boring. Docile. Until there is some reason to anger them. They will charge. They will gore someone. Most of the time when they are stampeding, however, it's because they are being chased.

Just some input from someone who lives within 200 miles of most of the bison in the world. ;)

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Oh man, these are great, i am still lovin the origianl color scheme you have, the black, orange and gray, I was thinkin of some ideas before you posted, and those were the colors I was thinkin as well, kinda like the old lacrosee team they had. AWESOME WORK.

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I really like the Seahawk colored version. So much I made a uni for it. I made the touch-ups BiB was talking about and I changed the silver so it was less blue-ish. Oh, and I made the eyes silver instead of green to seperate it from the 'Hawks colorwise. The logo you posted has navy, but when I put loaded it into my program, it looked like black. Black looks good with silver and Pacific Blue.

Onto the Uni: when I called up the webpage the image was blurred out with thick and thin white lines. Don't know what's wrong. Maybe you won't have that problem. Tell me if you do and I'll have to figure out what's up. The pattern on the jersey is based off part of the first Sterling Stampede logo. I think it works, though.

Stampede unis


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