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Washington Capitals Concept


so what do you think?  

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ok, for now on Im posting all my concepts as polls. that way nobody can start a fight! ^_^

anyways, I like the current capitals identity scheme. the logos are well designed and the color choices are very military-like (although I admit bronze looks too much like brown). However I for one HATE thier current black home unis. they dont use enough blue on them and the numbers are hardly legible. I like thier white away unis and wish they would bring back the blue jerseys that matched it. those ruled.

however, I do feel the capital dome logo should be the primary and the eagle the alternate. so thats what I did here. I also know the "checkmark" design isnt very popular with most people so I went with a simplified striping similar to those nasty black jerseys, but with a striping pattern similar to the "checkmark" jerseys. the alternate I gave a slanted striping pattern to follow the swoop of the eagle logo, and the numbers are legible!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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