MLB 2009

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The last time the White Sox wore dark pants, they looked preposterous, but that may've been more a function of the accompanying faux collars and untucked shirts than the dark pants themselves. It is just a matter of paradigms more than anything else, really. Our mental concept of a major league uniform generally doesn't allow for pants that aren't white or grey, hence so many people's (including my own) dislike of San Diego's khakis.

As for your Sox concept, as I picture it mentally, the silver pinstripes on black are intriguing, but (as I freely commit the fallacy of applying civilian dress to athletic dress) white socks with black pants is too ingrained in my mind as something you can't do. I suppose it'd be contingent on wearing the high stockings. That could look neat. But white socks peeking out between low black pants and black shoes would just make them look like men who can't independently dress themselves.

Or Steven Q. Urkel.

But I can see your point there.

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