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Louisville Cardinals concept


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I thought, this was gonna be pretty cool when I thought it up in my head...

It turned out to kind of look like a soccer uniform, but I think it is still all right.

I didn't add it on the concept so i'll just tell you...the helmet has the same striping as the jersey and pants.


C&C welcome.


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the "Louisville" wordmark seems way to big for your standard football jersey. it seems like its invading the space where the numbers should be. but i like how your thinking outside the box as this is not your everyday football jersey. its good to see fresh ideas instead of all those jersies copying the miami 'canes idea and stuff similar to that

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the old english "L" i think is too big anyway. i remember the ncaa making a big deal out of that after the 2001 season when the basketball team had been using the big "L" for 2 years.

a few suggestions, i would make the stripes on the shoulderpads run down the side panel of the jerseys and i would make the stripes on the white set black instead of red. recently we have been going unicolor on gameday so it would match up better that way.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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