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XHL minor league concepts

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I just decided to make these for fun as we have added minor league affiliates for our teams in the XHL. I didn't make any of the logos as I didn't feel it was needed seeing as how it's just for a fantasy minor league team. Having said that let me know what you think.

First up the San Diego Gulls. I wanted to have a team in San Diego and I felt reviving the Gulls was probably the best idea. The jerseys are based of the last ones worn by the team just updated into a Reebok Edge format. I went with a typical 'SD' shoulder patch on the home and the logo of the parent club on the road.


The next team up is the Prescott Valley Grizzlies. This team is shared with another team in the XHL the Arizona Copper Stars, so for the shoulder patches I thought it would be fun to have the players wear the logo of their big league club on one shoulder and the alternate logo on the other.


The new version of the Cleveland Barons are next. I wanted to modernize the jerseys they wore their first NHL season in 1976-77, as those are some of my favorite in NHL history for some strange reason. Not a lot of changes here just a few more stripes and a different number set.


Lastly the junior team the Yukon Huskies. I went with the colours that are on the Territorial flag, just not quite the same shades. I went with only one set of helmets as most junior teams only wear one anyway. Again parent club logo on one shoulder, and the alternate on the other.


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