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Monsters of the Gridiron


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The other day I was going through some stuff and found the cards pictured below. Any of you guys remember the "Monsters of the Gridiron" promotion, which was a partnership between Coke and the NFL? It was run in the fall of 1993 and 1994, and featured special TV commercials with the players made up as monsters or fantastical creatures, as well as store displays and the like. In 1994, at least, they gave away trading cards with 12-packs of coke products. As I drink a ridiculous amount of Diet Coke, I wound up with quite a few of them.

Several points I noticed about the "monsters":

-- Some creations were more "monstrous" than others. Renaldo Turnbull as a huge minotaur was pretty cool, as was Marco Coleman as a snake-man, but Randall Cunningham as 'Rocket Man' and Marshall Faulk as 'the Missile' were more like super-heroes...

--The Saints, by my count, had more current, past and future players as "monsters" than any other team: Michael Haynes (1993 as Atlanta's "Moonlight Flyer"), Rickey Jackson (1993 as the Saints' 'the Jackal'), Ironhead Heyward (1993 as the Bears' "Ironhead"), Pat Swilling (1994 as Detroit's 'Chillin''), and Renaldo Turnbull (1994 as the Saints' 'Raging').

-- The promotion ran for two years and in quite a few cases two different monsters were developed for each team (player movement had a lot to do with that). One interesting two-time monster of the Gridiron was Sean Jones who was "the Ghost" in 1993 for Houston, then took the Ghost persona to Green Bay for the 1994 promotion.

Here are the Monsters:




I thought it was neat how they had a card for the expansion Panthers, including a preview of their uni....

more monsters in the next post. ^_^

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More monsters. They were numbered in alphabetical order of each team's "city" name.


Gotta love John Randle as the 'Runaway Train'. Man that's goofy. CHOOO CHOOO!!! ... And I forgot how strange the Patriots jerseys looked with red numbers and white "TV numbers" back in the early '90s....


I got the 1st two in this group from the net, thus they are out of order...


I got all of this last group from the net. The Raider is, I think, Howie Long from 1993, and the Cleveland Brown "dog" is Eric Turner as "Bad Bone". Apparently in 1993 info was not on the front of the cards....


Comments? Memories? Add'l info? :blink:

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Damn... I'd forgotten all about these lol

I remember being a little upset at the 1992 version because the Terrell Buckey's character was called "Bear."

Call it me, but I think a psychotic, meat-cleaver weilding butcher would've not only tied in much better for a guy that was playing for a team called the Packers, but is also much, much more halloween-ish.

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Heck ya I remember these. Can you imagine some of today's players gettin all decked up like that?

We could have Adam Jones as "The Paralyzer" and Ray Lewis as "The Murderer".

Actually, it's not so funny when the monsters are real.

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