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T-Shirt Concept


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So my friend at school who is on our school soccer team wanted me to design some t-shirts for the team and anyone else around school who wants one. Luckily we actually have a teacher that also works at a t-shirt design/production company, so getting the shirts made would be no problem.

Since our school is very small (about 300 students) and we focus mostly on academics, we do not have a football team like most high schools, which is why my friend wanted me to put "We are Metro football" on the soccer shirts. That reason, and, soccer is known as futbol (football) around the world except for here in the U.S.

I have made 3 designs, and would like some comments on what I can do to improve them, and some opinions on which design is the best.

Personally, I like the first design better (it was my initial idea), but I added the other two for my friend to look at and see which he likes best. So, here are the designs, please tell me which design you like best. Critiques and comments are appreciated.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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