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Final Exam


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and to think, god gave me a brain but forgot the athletic ability :D

he got the gall to call himself a coach, i'll say this: jim harrick and his son should be banned from coaching basketball at any level...for life. as should all coaches found cheating their players out of an education (i.e. BS classes, having people do the work for them, looking the other way concerning players behaving badly, etc.) on that point, i could pass this test if i knew nothing about basketball...the answers are in the questions, how would you NOT get everything right? :cursing:

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Well I failed it but good.

I have no clue what the names of their arena are or their uniforms colors or even conference or even care about the NCAA.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

I only missed the referees. I put two.

And RC, I didn't know the arena either until I realized the question asked for the COLISEUM that they played in, and there was only one of those.

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