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Hrivnak Sports Media Challenge I


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Okay gang, here's my first stab at running a contest. Welcome to the first Hrivnak Sports Media Challenge. I'm going to try to do things a bit different than the standard Logo or Uniform design and go for other elements in the Sports Media world.

First Up: On screen TV Graphics for Football

Your challenge: A new network has won the rights to televise football. You are to design the on-screen look and feel of their graphics (scoreboard, etc). If you are so inclinded you can design the network sports logo as well.

You will have two screenshots to prepare...

1) Cutting-to-commercial graphic. Standard wide shot of stadium for you to display the score of the game before or after a commercial.

2) Action shot. This is where you put the now-standard "bug" with the score, time remaining, quarter and whatever other pertinent data you wish to share (flag, down and yards, etc). Also, on this screen, you can put an example of a stat presentation (team so-an-so is 3-for-4 on 3rd down, running back so and so has 35 yards rushing this drive, etc.)

Here's the two templates for you to use, both in jpg format.



Please only use these screenshots as you are being judged on the graphics only, and it will make judging easier. These templates are 640x480 for design purposes. Please shrink your entries down to 480x360 or smaller for posting purposes.

Entries should be judged on creativity, style, innovation and presentation (location, ease of read, etc). All entries will be judged by your peers in an online poll.

Deadline: March 17 (edited: was previously March 21)

Here's an example that I threw together quickly. This is not a good example, just an example. Feel free to use whatever teams you want (real or imaginary). I chose to use two of my fantasy teams for this example:

Example 1: Cut-to-commercial


Example 2: Action shot


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Introducing the Professional Football Alliance on Fiasco Television! (The PFA on ftv)

In Game Graphics


End of Half Graphics


comments are appreciated (i've never done anything like this type of design before)

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I like it, Joel. I also like the dig at Paynomind... :D

One suggestion I would make is that I can't read the PFA words in the scorebar. I would have just gone with the logo by itself, personally.

I like the use of the ftv logo as a transparent bug. Looks cool.

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Wow, Paynomind, that Gremlin defense must be pretty tough - two safeties in the 4th quarter! At least I'm assuming that's how the G's went from 48 in the third to 52 at the gun.

The PFA has yet to draft its first player and already the venom is flying. Gotta love it!

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I can't let people trash talk and not be involved! So in the spirit of good sportsmanship. I have made a new one to simulate what the scoreboard would read if the Atlanta Gremlins and Carolina Ospreys were to team up and try and take down the PFA's Powerhouse Las Vegas Wolfpack with a roster of their collective all-stars.

Atlanta/Carolina All-Stars vs. Las Vegas Wolfpack

as you can see, some fans brought signs to the game


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For those keeping score at home, the PFA fines that have resulted from this contest are as follows:

Joel Fiasco - 2 cases of premium Scotch

Paynomind - 1 Case of premium Scotch

Inthend88 - 1 smoked ham

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