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Sorta Ot: Illustration I Just Completed


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I just finished the member t-shirt design for the competitive percussion ensemble I perform with. Our show this year is The Speed of Sound, and our floor is black with a green grid and the oscilliscope line across it, hence it's appearence here. What do you guys think? BTW, the gray is really a metallic silver screen.




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hey avenger, are you affiliated with the blue knights of DCI?  i follow DCI all the time

Yeah... BK runs a drum corps that competes in DCI (I marched a few years ago, but now I'm too old, not to mention I can't take a summer off anymore) and a couple percussion ensembles (I've marched in the World Class ensemble since 2001) that compete in RMPA and WGI. There's also the Stampede, which is the Broncos official drumline, which I'll probably be doing next year.

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I have been involved in drum corps since i was 15, have now since aged out. I almost marched with the Blue Knights but I made the Madison Scouts instead. That logo is sweet, good luck to you, I'll have to get out and see the show, WGI is a great activity.


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Madison Scouts! My father-in-law was with them years ago. He's even got the bumper sticker and plate frame on his truck.

My in-laws and Dad-in-law's folks go to nationals every year. It's like they're Deadheads, but with drum corps.

I digress...

Love the shirt. Looks almost like it could've been a print ad for a hi-fi back in the 80s.

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Here's the story on blue vs. green...

The organization's name is the Blue Knights, the drum corps' uniforms are blue, black, and white, and the logo, collateral, corporate ID stuff is all blue.

However, unlike drum corps where the corps wear the same uniforms every year (similar to pro sports teams), the indoor percussion activity (what this shirt is designed for) is more theatrical, and each year's production is different in terms of costuming, set design, etc. This year's costumes are white vinyl with black stripes down the sleeves and pants, and the floor looks like an oscilliscope (black with a green grid and a white parabolic wavey thingy going across it). Last year's show was the Zodiac, they had burgundy costumes with black bands going down their arms. Their were black flats (backdrops) and a giant zodiac painted on the floor.

The member shirt is ony given to the participants of that year's ensemble, and they always want it to reflect the look of the show. When I design the t-shirt that we'll sell online and at competitions, it'll probably be blue, black, and white to reflect the identity of the organization.

Here are some photos:

Last years ensemble at World Championships (which they won)


The drum corps (which is more like a really loud, good, competitive marching band)


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