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NFL jersey question


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Not always. There are several teams that get the jerseys numbered and lettered from the factory (mainly for teams close to the manufacturing facility). When I was an equipment intern for the Falcons in 2007 for training camp, I was in the head manager's office several times to repeat the names and numbers off the spreadsheets to him to make sure that 1) the correct name was placed with the number, and 2) that the player's name was correctly spelled. This was a week before the first preseason game against the Jets. I remember that he was hurrying to get nameplates made by Wilson for players that just got signed.

However, teams do have a way of getting repairs or altering done either in-house or by someone nearby. I would guess that they would be able to do the same for patches.

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I am absolutely certain that the Texans outsource it and have someone put the name and numbers on the jerseys. I know the guy who does it.

It held true prior to this season. I haven't spoken to him since the summer, so I can't say for certain if he's doing it again this season, but there is no reason to believe he isn't. He's been doing it for years now.

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