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Monochrome Burgundy Watch


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Redskins.com's words, not mine:


Has it finally happened? Word has it that the Redskins are expected to wear burgundy pants and burgundy jerseys for Monday night?s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It would be the first time--at least in recent memory--that the team would wear burgundy on burgundy uniforms.

Players have talked about wearing burgundy on burgundy for years, and earlier this season Jim Zorn indicated it would be a possibility for cold weather games.

White on white uniforms has become a fashion trend for the Redskins in recent years. This year, the Redskins are 4-1 wearing white on white uniforms.

They are 2-0 wearing burgundy jerseys and white pants (wins over Dallas and Philadelphia) and 0-1 wearing white jerseys and burgundy pants (loss to New York Giants).

Considering that it's coming from the team's website, I'd say that it's pretty much a lock that we'll get an eye full of burgundy tonight. Adjust your TV sets accordingly.

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I have a monochrome burgundy watch. It looks dynamite, but I can't see the hands unless I get up close and squint.

The Skins are definitly wearing the burgandy pants tonight.

It will be fun to see a new combo.

And, since their next home game is a prime time game (against Dallas), we will probably see it again in a few weeks.

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This is sad. To me the Redskins uni(white /burgundy) is a classic and now has been officially disrespected.I've seen it all now and I don't like it one bit. At least throw on the white stripped socks with them but NOOOOO!!!! they had to go with the burgundy sock to top it all off .Let's hope for a major beatdown by the Burgh so we never see this fecal matter again

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I dunno, I'm not as averse to this as I am to a lot of monochromes. For me, the thick striping on the pants helps a lot here. The burgundy socks, however, do a lot to kill the look. Using the white socks would help a lot here.

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