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Players Returning to Previous Teams


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A lot of players lately have been returning to their previous teams. This is usually interesting especially when the team changes uniforms or logos during the player's absence.

So, post pics of any player in their "before" and "after" uniforms. Also indicate the year(s) if possible. Bonus points to whomever can produce the most obscure combination (player played for a team three times, for example, or only played a partial season) or the biggest interval of time between seasons.

I will start:

Desmond Mason: Milwaukee Bucks

2003-05 (2.5 seasons) and 2007-08 (1 season)


Chauncey Billups: Denver Nuggets

1998-2000 (2 seasons) and 2008-09 (partial season, in progress)


Post your best!

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And not that I have photos, but here would be Minnie Minoso and the ChiSox:

1951-1957, 1960-1961, 1976, 1980:



The problem is, though he had 4 stints with them, for the mostpart, there were really only 2 sets of uniforms...

He missed out on 4 distinct sets that were between or after his last stint too...

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The New Jersey Devils have had a bunch however since they have kept basically the same uniform for the last 16 years there isn't much difference between the before and after except for maybe a different number.

Feel free to post them anyway. I'm more interested in the occurrence than if they had different jerseys... it still helps if you can post pics of the various years, though, for the sake of appearance or the team that they're with.

Antoine Walker: Boston Celtics

1997-2003 (7 seasons) and 2005-2005 (0.5 seasons)


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Greg Ostertag

Utah Jazz 1995-2004

Utah Jazz 2005-06

Good call. He played 756 career games; 700 were with the Jazz, and he had only 56 games with the Kings in between. Here he is in his rookie year, the only year with the Stockton-era jerseys:


Antonio McDyess: Phoenix Suns

1997-98 (1 season) and 2004 (0.5 seasons) [NOTE: He also played on the Denver Nuggets preceding and following his first year with the Suns; he is also on the Nuggets now but has not suited up.]


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Yeah there's a bunch of players who have had 2nd stints but the uniforms remained the same. If we were in the sports in general forum, ok. But I don't see the point of me posting say, Mark Messier in the same uniform for the Rangers in '94 that he wore when he returned after leaving for Vancouver...

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