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Logos with states in them


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I am trying to find a picture of Iowa's ANF (America Needs Farmers) sticker that is on the back of thier helmets. It has ANF inside of the outline of the state of Iowa. The old sticker was a circle with the letters above the Hawk logo.

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Ohio University has used logos such as this one in the past, this is my favorite:


I wish that OU would go back to using a helmet logo like this. Our current helmets are boring with the plain 'OHIO' wordmark.

There are also some logos that incorporate state flag elements into their design. Of course you have the Blue Jackets, Texas Rangers, Tennessee Titans.

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New Hampshire Primaries (Eastern League)


Charleston Rainbows (South Atlantic League)


Miami Floridians (American Basketball Association)


Virginia Squires (American Basketball Association)


Maine Lumberjacks (Continental Basketball Association)


Iowa Cornets (Women's Basketball League)


New Jersey Statesmen (American Professional Slo-Pitch League)

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Texas uses their logo with shape of Texas on their court:


So does A&M:


Is it just me, or does A&M have a beautiful court?

It's not just you. The NBA (especially Minnesota) needs to take note because that is how you make two different wood stains on a basketball court look good.

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