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Why would the Wizards wear Chicago Zephyr uniforms? They should have rocked the "Dr. J" Virginia Squires set.

because the Chicago Zephyrs moved to Baltimore in 1964, becoming the Baltimore Bullets. Upon moving down the corridor to DC, they soon were christened the Capitol Bullets, then they became the Washington Bullets but apparently Bullets is too violent a nickname in a gang ravaged city, so they became the Wizards.

As to why they would wear a Chicago uniform? To sell more jerseys!!!


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Pretty cool. I saw the Bucs play in 1970, and though a website I found says they played at the Loyola Field House, Municipal Auditorium, and the Tulane gym, I'd swear the game I attended was at the University of New Orleans field house on the Lakefront. I was only 9 though so the memory is a little fuzzy, and sadly I didn't keep my ticket stub or program. :cry:

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