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Edmonton Oilers Concept


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This is my first concept in a while, so I decided to try and fix the Oilers. I really hate the Oilers current road and home uniform. I like the alternate, but I feel it is too dated. So what I wanted to do was make a concept for the Oilers that I thought could be an update to their old jerseys. I was watching a Sharks game when I realized their template would be perfect for the Oilers, with some modification. I know some people don't like numbers on the front of jerseys but I felt it looked really good on the alternate jersey with the wordmark. Anyways, here they are. C & C please.




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Why? That isn't a rule, and I think it happens to look good in this case.

White alternates really bug me unless you are the Canadiens or the Leafs.

I don't see the point of having a jersey being white unless it is the road jersey. Colour adds to to a jersey and makes it what it is.

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The Blues have shown us that navy and royal can work together... but for some reason they're not here.

Maybe try butting the orange against the navy rather than the white? It may "soften" things a bit. Go with a thicker orange around the navy, and then a thinner white. Just a thought.

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