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Royals Gold Out


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Well, here is the big one. It won't come in very well. I'm having difficulty getting it to look good. I apoligize for the poor quality, but I have been working with this for quite some time now and I'm afraid this mite be the best I can get it. C & C please.


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it could work,


and dont let only having paint get you down, i have used paint for years, and i still do my work in paint, you just got to get good, go look at any of my work, all done in paint. so dont let paint be your excuse, i can give you some tips if you need them

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gold out...like black out....but with blackgold?

if so, bad idea

Think I fixed that for you.

ahha my bad, I was distracted by homework

Ahh... the problem I have daily-- "my homework is distracting me looking at ccslc!"

Same here, of course the other problem is I'm up at 1:15 in the morning looking at ccslc, and I'll fall asleep during class tomorrow :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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