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San Antonio Battle


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I like that you altered the position of the cannon. Your friend basically just ripped-off Arsenal's cannon, but you made it sufficiently different in my opinion.

I'm not liking the little triangle at the bottom of the crest, though. It seems like a bit of a cop-out, as if you couldn't figure out what to do there.

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Thanks for the replies. Jake, I wasnt just posting to say, look mines better than his, i thought his was a cool design and I just wanted to try making something based off of it. By the way, this is my account, I had to make a new one because my other account wont let me post. I was at my 99th post too :mad:

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Just to throw a few more thoughts at you, have you considered making the top of The Alamo into the top of the crest? The word "Battle" would be inside of The Alamo and not above it. You could move the star to the bottom of the crest in the space currently occupied by the triangle.

Also, why is the "A" taller than the rest of the characters?

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Thanks for the feedback, the A is bigger because thats just how it is in the font.

Easy fix. Pick a different font. :P

Is it wrong (or following bad design principles) that I like the A being a bit taller than the rest of the wordmark? I think it's cool in an 'oh, that's an interesting nuance' kind of way.

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What's a battle?


Dictionary: battle (băt'l)


An encounter between opposing forces: an important battle in the Pacific campaign.

Armed fighting; combat: wounded in battle.

A match between two combatants: trial by battle.

A protracted controversy or struggle: won the battle of the budget.

An intense competition: a battle of wits.

v., -tled, -tling, -tles.


To engage in or as if in battle.


To fight against: battled the enemy; battled cancer.

[Middle English batel, from Old French bataille, from Vulgar Latin *battālia, from Late Latin battuālia, fighting and fencing exercises, from Latin battuere, to beat.]

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