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Group Project: NFL Reserve Division


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I, for one, object to having BIGBAD claim the Chiefs affiliate. Not because of the typing in all CAPS, but because he's placing the Chiefs affiliate in Portland, Oregon, which is WAAAAY too far away from Kansas City. huskeraddict, though coming in 2nd to BIGBAD in claiming the Chiefs affiliation, has his team in Des Moines, Iowa, which is much closer to KC than Portland is.

Therefore, I think huskeraddict should have the Chiefs affiliation claimed... but that's my opinion.




Uh no, Tucson isn't the city it once was, it's a dying sports town, I'd rather put it in Prescott Valley, Arizona than Tucson, plus Albuquerque is in a great proximity to the Phoenix area. Which reminds me I should have something by this week.

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Ok, some minor changes to the Fighters

-Took GBM's advice, changed city to Fairfield Fighters

-Made the jersey NOB a tad bigger, also changed to white (from gold) on home jersey

-Threw away the tertiary logo

-Extended top part of "F" on wordmark, threw away city name

-Ditched the monochrome navy uniform, changed to white pants



Now that I can finally see all this...I must say this here is some nice work!

Me being a military man, I was instantly a fan of the whole warhawk theme you took here--though I'm a little curious as to why you didn't just go with the "Warhawks" as a name rather than "Fighters"--but it works the same either way. The colors work PERFECTLY, especially with them being the colors of the Titans. That, and the whole "aircraft" thing ties in perfectly to the parent club. I see now what someone said about the far wing being rounded, whereas the near wing is more squared off. As for your wordmark, I like how you rendered your typography, but I wonder, at least with the "F", and maybe the "S", you can't create something of a "jetstream" effect, similar to the wings on your plane, to give it more of a "speedy motion" effect. (Might also help if you shear the whole thing a little bit more.) As for the unis themselves, no complaints, although I do have one suggestion--that being taking the shark's mouth and applying it to the helmets, being that that face was the most prominent feature of the old Warhawk aircraft and helmets, at least to me, are the most prominent feature of a football uniform.

Overall...this is some really good stuff here, man.

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I had to do mine on our company laptop because Illustrator is bitching out on the computer in my office. However, the Assistant Concessions Manager took the laptop with her over the break (our offices and the store are closed from Dec. 24 until Jan. 5), so right now I can't do anything with it. I was close to being done with the general parts of the uniforms, and getting ready to do the logos which I finally had figured how what I wanted to do. Then I would just need to place them on the uniforms as well and be done. However due to not having said laptop, it may be a little while until I get them. Hopefully not too long though.

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I'll take the Dallas Cowboys and put their team in Fort Worth.

The Dallas and Houston guys shouldn't forget about San Antonio. There's a dome sitting there waiting to be used.

I can't speak for Spearhead, but I had an idea for Corpus Christi, which is why I'm going there for Houston.

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My team will be from Newark. I think Flyers would be a good name but I'm not sure if it's the best choice with the Jets and all. Anyone have suggestions or do you think Flyers is an acceptable name?

This might not help, but I just thought of a real wierd coincidence.

Newark is also widely known as "Brick City", is it not? That might not help with a nickname, but it may help in choosing colors. And, Shaq hails from there, and he's a rather large fellow (what with your team being an affiliate of the Giants). the kicker? Most would say Shaq shoots bricks (particularly at the charity stripe), so...

(That just came across my mind, corny as it sounds; figured I'd share it.)

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I am having a lot of trouble thinking of a name for the Lions affiliate. I planned on putting them in Lansing, and I just can't think of a very good name. I was trying to tie it in the the auto industry, but no good name is coming to mind. REO Motor Car Company and Oldsmobile started in Lansing, and I was hoping there was a name of one of their cars that would work for a football team, but there aren't any that stick out to me. ( Royales, Cutlasses [hey, I guess that is no worse than the name Sabres] Speedwagons) None of those really work for me, though Royales doesn't sound that bad. Anybody have anything else? I guess the name doesn't have to be specific to Lansing itself, but at least the state of Michigan.

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I really love RoughRiders9's Iowa Oaks Baseball logo concept. I think it would also work as a football team logo. It could be great as the Chicago Bears farm team. I'm just throwing the idea out there.


Hey, that's not too bad....

Maybe I'll whip up something for football using the Iowa Oaks logos in the future...

But next time... please ask me first if you do something like this with my logos. Thanks.

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