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Mo Williams v LeBron James (and the rest of the Cavs)

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Why aren't the uniforms the same for all players:

Same game (December 30):



Look at the right arm hole. From the red collar all the unis have it goes downward:

Mo Williams: Blue, Wine, Gold, Blue

Lebron James: Gold, Red, Blue, Gold

Lebron's matches both sides, Mo's is different on both sides.

The pants are different too. Mo has a gold bar at the bottom of this leg striping, Lebron has Wine.

I don't really understand why they are different. I thought maybe it was a size issue (Lebron bigger than Mo, need more fabric thus pattern continued) but that would be a dumb reason to have the front of the jersey not be symmetrical.

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That's an excellent observation, assuming you caught it. It also looks like the trim pattern on his left armhole is the correct one, so there's an inconsistency between trims on the same jersey.

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While the difference between the arm holes on Mo Williams' jersey in inexcusable, could the difference between Williams' and LeBron's be because of the size of the player? (as in maybe LeBron's shorts and armholes need to bigger?)

Yeah, that's what I said. I thought perhaps it was because the arm hole was bigger and thus the pattern was 'off'. The manufacturer decided to keep the pattern the same size, just add more patches.

If you'll notice, the shorts aren't the same either. Lebron's shorts are different:







Everyone (Mo included) has gold at the bottom but Lebron's pattern stops on blue. That's Mo Williams, Boobie Gibson, Delonte West, Big Z, Big Ben, Andy and Sasha with the same shorts pattern but Lebron different (7 to 1). In past photos, Wally has the same as the others.

And yes, I did notice this on my own. I was customizing a McFarlane Sportspick Figure and used the Mo Williams pic as a reference only to realize that it matched no one else.

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It has to be the pattern is different because of the size. If you'll notice under Delonte West's arm on his layup, the pattern is thrown off in a wine-blue-gold-blue-gold-wine combo. It is missing the wine. Then, when you look at Zydrunis' (whose jersey is symmetric and accurate) it is blue-gold-small wine-gold-blue-wine.

My head hurts. Either way, the Mo Williams jersey is just terribly wrong while the difference in the patterns is simply the manufacturer deciding to extend the pattern onto the next color instead of stretching each color a little further to make up the difference.

This is Williams from Christmas Night, same wrong jersey this time worn at home. You can tell by West in the background the difference in the two:


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