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Major Leagues Throwback Games


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I know the Padres and Cubs will play in their 1984 uniforms on May 14th in San Diego.

Anaheim Angels seem like they'll be playing August 13th in their 1961 Uniforms.

Pittsburgh Pirates 1979 TBTC on July 24th with the Reds.

Are there any other turn back the clock games scheduled around the majors?

I know the Cubs have promotions giving away old jerseys and the Indians have a 1954 Commemorative day.

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This is from the Indians web site:

Indians will "Turn Back the Clock" to 1975 when the "Big Red Machine" comes to town on Friday, June 11. The Tribe and Reds will go "back in time" and wear their uniforms from 1975, highlighted by the Indians wearing the "Bloody Mary" all-red uniforms that former Indians 3B Buddy Bell, OF Rick Manning, and 1B Boog Powell made popular.

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The jays have a "Retro Cap" day, not sure if that means retro uniforms as well, but that's in september

I don't know why, but that made me laugh quite a bit. Retro cap day? Ha ha. Sorry the Graphite Jays have to introduce their 2005 hats in such a laughable fashion...

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