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Claude LaRose & Robbie Ftorek


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Here's one I didn't know until I read it in Little Book of Hockey Jerseys Part Deux.

Robbie Ftorek and Claude LaRose both wore #8 at the same time for the Cincinnati Stingers in 1977-78. LaRose was the team's leading scorer, and Ftorek was the WHA MVP the season prior to be acquired by the Stingers. The club petitioned the league, and the WHA allowed both numbers to be worn at the same time.

Good luck finding pics of these two on the ice at the same time.

Some more proof:

Stingers Number History

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Speaking of Jersey numbers....

A while back somebody posted a link to a site where you could look up hockey players by number. Does anybody know that site?



There are a couple, neither of which are in any way complete:



My humble site works as well, but is also by no means complete:


Use the advanced seach button to enter the number and any other info.

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