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Minnesota Gophers football concept


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OK, so I'm pretty sure almost everyone here can agree that the Gophers current set is a piece of :censored:. Right? So, I thought I would give it a second try. My first try was actually my first concept ever.

On this concept, I thought I would add a tiny bit more gold because it is only one of the best colors out there for a football uniform. I also wanted to make the gold noticeable so I...

-Changed the facemask to gold

-Made both the primary pants colors gold

-Made shoulder stripes that go from the collar all the way to the sleeve which are outlinesd with a piping of a different color.

-Added piping that starts from the collar and twists around back under the number.

-Used the M logo as a chest patch instead of the Minnesota script.

-Added maroon piping to the pants to match the jersey.

-TV numbers on the shoulders.

Here they are (thanks to bigmike for the templates): and please ignore the 8 in the shot of Weber, I forgot to cut it out.

QB #8 Adam Weber


RB#23 DeLeon Eskridge with dreadlocks


Enjoy! C&C. Alternates to come later, just different pants combos, and maybe a yellow jersey? You'll have to find out...

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I like this a lot. Definitely an improvement. But there are a couple things I'd change. I don't really like the chest piping...it feels kinda contrived, and sort of detracts from the shoulder yoke. In fact, it looks a little like the Florida Panthers Edge jerseys- not a very good thing. Keep it more simple with just the shoulder yoke, and you're golden (no pun intended!). And the M on the road jersey's helmet looks off balance. But in general, a very good concept.

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Twins8791 -

Very nice! I really like the gold on the shoulders. Sorry that my Jayhawks beat you all in the Insight Bowl.

I still have ties to Minnesota, as my brother & other family members live in the St. Paul area. I cheer the Gophers

and Jayhawks- however, Kansas is my home state.

I have a request of you for a concept, send me a PM and I'll give you the details.

My team (I am a middle school head coach) is getting new unis next Fall and I would like you to do

a concept based on your Univ. Minn. unis you did here.

Keep up the good Work! (Go Royals!)

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