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As many people know Team Canada will not be able to use their Hockey Canada logo on the front of their jerseys at the 2010 olympics, so I thought I would try my hand at it.

I used their current template but added black and a touch of gold into the stripes. I miss the black in their current jerseys (I know black isn't on the flag, but I still like it on Team Canada's jerseys)

The biggest difference you will notice is the 'fuzzy leaf' now the main logo. I don't think this will work considering the fact it is still a mark of Hockey Canada, but never the less I would love to see our boys wear this jersey.

C & C


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not enough color, too much RED! And a little boreing if you ask me

Korb, Beast is right... try adding a black outline to the leaf to accent the gold.... it might make the logo pop a bit more to break up the red... Nice jersey otherwise, good work!

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