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Houston Rockets Rebrand *UPDATED 1/15*


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Well, I'm just gonna jump right into it. I'm a fan of the late 90s Rockets logo, to an extent. I thought it was a great idea, ruined by a cartoony rocket and god awful uniforms. My intent with this concept was to essentially fix that set, while hinting to the era prior to that one. With the Hawks in navy, silver, and red, I felt it necessary to bring the Rockets back to red and yellow. Anyways, here's the logo set I came up with. It's got some obvious ties to the late 90s set, with improvements, I hope.


Now, onto the uniforms...I tried to keep them modern, while at the same time simple. My inspiration initially were the, uh "wings" on the bottom of the rocket. However, my uniform concept strayed from that slightly. The home and away follow this pattern, while the alternate....well, you get it. It's more of a joke, but, well, I'm keeping it there as a "faux-back".




Lastly, I did a quick court mock-up. Again, I kept it simple. I initially didn't have the red border going around, but it was really boring without it, so I left it in.


C&C appreciated, as always. Have at it, fellas (and ladies)

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This is a very solid look for the Rockets. I love the updated wordmark and logo.Nice choice on the font - I always liked the seemingly random lowercase letters on their old set. The uniforms look great - until I saw the alternate. It's a nice update of those horrible unis they had but it's just a little too much gold for me. (And I have always hated pinstripes on anything other than a baseball jersey). This is a great rebranding effort. Top notch work.

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Awesome--much less "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" looking than the current set, haha.

I really like the jersey design of the 3rd, with the faded pinstripes. I'm with logoman in that there's too much gold, but I don't think it's the jersey, it's the predominantly gold logo on the chest. I would experiment with colors, go with a wordmark similar to the road, or the like.

Clean as always, Shum. Seeing some good concepts here upon my return!

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I'm really digging this concept. The logoset is absolutely awesome. The alternate logo is outstanding. The uniforms are great, too. The home and road unis are perfect as they are. The alternate jersey has a good overall design but I just don't like the logo. Maybe change it to the original wordmark which says "Houston Rockets" or the home/away-script. However, keep up your great work.

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This is amazing. The alternate jersey is really nice, and the court as well. That logo is so much better than the one they have now.

Is that the Falcons number font?

As a base, yeah. I kind of made a hybrid of the Falcons' font and the one I used for the actual wordmarks, although I think it's more Falcons than whatever font I used for the wordmark. The two were pretty similar, so I took the Falcons' numbers and altered them to somewhat match the other font. The player names are the Falcons' font as well.

The wordmark is some freeware font that I did some alterations on. The original font had rounded corners, so I re-traced the letters by hand, un-rounding corners. THat's primarily why I sued the Falcons' font...it was close enough to alter into what I needed, and I wouldn't have to re-trace everything by hand. I think I changed a few letters slightly, like making the "N" and upside-down "U"....that's just the Suns fan in me, I guess.

Side note: I did the uniforms at 3 in the morning, slightly drunk. I couldn't remember if Olajuwon ended in "on" or "an", so I put "Player" instead. :D

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