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Old Style beer redesign


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Old Style beer is introducing a new look to go with a return to the old process of kraeusening. For those not familiar, it's a beer originally from LaCrosse, Wis., that was purchased by Stroh's, then Pabst, and had its formula changed back in the late '90s. Through it all it's been available at Wrigley Field. They've had a long relationship with the Cubs and annually release a themed can.





The one from my youth:


Other variations:


I see what they're trying to do with the new one, but I miss the old shapes and the ribbon staying out of the way of the words (or vice versa). This new one is a lot like what they've been using for OS Light for years. Miss the old formula, too, which is still available as LaCrosse Lager.

More info: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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