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Buffalo Bisons


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The first road jersey is pretty good. The script is a nice nod to the parent club, and for once a Buffalo team has conveyed the city name without hitting you over the head with the animal tie-in. The logo sleeve patch completes the identity nicely without overdoing it.

The gray-on-gray on the second one is bland, unimaginitive and inexcusable.

The third one is another needless black alt, and it looks like pajamas.

The homes are better, on average. White-on-white is somehow more forgivable than gray, but I still don't love it. The Mets logo on the front of the one was a bad idea, too.

The caps get failing grades all around, except for the last one pictured, blue with the full logo. That one looks pretty good.

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I wish they would chose one font and stick with it on the jerseys. If they are trying to be more like the Mets, the home jersey needs cursive script and PINSTRIPES. If they want their own identity in a sense, they need to make the "Buffalo" look like the "Bisons" on the road jerseys.

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Home "script" reminds me a lot of the Frisco Roughriders.

Road would be fine...but I HATE logos where the front number should be. That's a sleeve patch, not a belly patch.

Alt is...OK. Nothing great.

My overall grade for this lot is D.

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