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New nfl concepts


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Alrighty! These are the results  of a few doodles of mine...



Well I heard about Atlanta's new uni having wings down the side so I sorta improvised. I think it actually works better if the white jersey had white pants, and the black jersey had black pants... sorta that all black look the Saints miserably failed to accomplish 2 years ago.



Pure goofing around... look at that silly helmet! I know... it was an experiment... so what? I thought that orange jerseys were the "in" thing with Cleveland and Denver having orange alt jerseys. I'm just so tired of the tiger tail helmet and their pants. It's alright... I guess...



Their current uniforms are CRAP, and silly me who tried to mildly improve on them. I thought... why don't I bring the basic old uni concept back, but modernized letters with a tad of navy. Voila. Simply a modern version of their old jerseys that we oh-so miss.

Well, what do you guys think? I know NFL isn't your thing... but please your input is greatly appreciated.


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Hmmm, some new concepts to critique. Sounds like fun!

Atlanta: This one looks really smart. I can appreciate the font selection for the numbers, and the clean design. I'd say that the sleeve logo could be larger, though, and I'm not sure about the wing down the side of the pants, the jury's still out on that one. The 'A' on the side of the pants definitely needs to be outlined, though. 4/5

Cincinnati: This is the jersey that makes me firmly believe that you need a new football template. The curved shoulders do not exhibit how football jerseys look in reality. This one is tough to judge. The different colour top than rest is interesting, how might orange look on the white jersey in that area? The pant designs are solid, no complaints there. The helmet needs to be reworked though. If you have to change it (and I don't think it needs changing), that tiger head should be goin' on the helmet. The jumping bengal's all right, but I'm thinking it wouldn't look that good if it connected at the back as I assume yours would. The italicized block font (with some rounding) isn't my favourite. 3.5/5

Buffalo: You could have been a little more creative on this jersey, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I like the font selection. The black outline, which plays so heavily on the helmet, needs to play equally heavily in the numbers. The pants are solid, however the all-white look looks good with some teams, but I think you'd be better off to avoid it in this case. 3/5

All in all some very good artistic work presented here Braden. Well done, can't wait to see what you do next.

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Very good on all three. I think the falcons need a bit mor emphasis on the red though, maybe just a little larger outline. I really like the Bengals concept but agree that the tiger head should be on the helmet and possibly move the full body tiger to the sleeves. The Bills one is nice, but like the last post i think the navy outline on the numbers needs to be thicker and possibly darken the main blue color (only a little!) But hey anything is better than the stuff the Bills are wearing now.
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