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NHL Jersey Concepts


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Over the last couple weeks, I've been just fooling around with some NHL Concepts, and I've finally decided to post them. I'll go in order of who I did first.

Anaheim Ducks:

I wanted to use similar jerseys to what they had before the recent rebrand, a slope on the front of the jerseys, and on the arms. I updated it by curving them like the current jerseys. I also put the D logo on the front.


Montreal Canadiens:

I LOVE their home jerseys. Though, I'm not fond of the away set. I used the same template for the away as home, a band around the chest.


Phoenix Coyotes:

This just came to me. I put the stripes on the sleeves, and ran them up the side of the jersey, up to the armpit. I put the PHX logo on the front of the third jersey.


Continued next post.

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Tampa Bay Lightning:

I ran stripes down the sleeves, and put a stripe around them, with a lightning bolt inside the stripes. I added the same stripe at the bottom of the all the jerseys. I made a classy third jersey, I would sooo buy one if they were real.


St. Louis Blues:

I planned on the sleeve stripes, going the same shape of the "wing" of the logo. It didn't turn out very well, then it evolved into the ones you see below.I kept the current third jersey logo on the shoulders.


C&C for all of them please. I'll do more, I want to try to do the LA Kings next. Stay tuned.

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The road uniform's really cool although I'd make the collar black instead of gold.

On the home uni, there's to much orange involved for my flavour. Maybe change the orange and gold. Other than that, really cool. How about making an alternate jersey with their current primary logo?


Very classy concept. You may want to add a white outline between the blue and red on the road uni since they are really hard to seperate.


Perfect. I however think the PHX logo doesn't work on front jersey. Maybe use the "whole-body-coyote" or the primary. Other than that, as I said, it's perfect.


Good effort. I really like the way you involved the bolts. I don't like the logo on the alternate however.


Although I don't like the navy blue on their unis these turned out awesome. Don't have anything to criticise on this on.

All in all you did a great job. Hope to see some more jerseys from you soon.

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Ok, before I give C+C, there is one thing I feel like I have to say. You still have issues with the number and NOB placement, even after at least 5 commenters, including myself, have told you how to correct it. It makes me wonder, if you just don't listen to C+C, or you feel that your way is better. Well, it isn't. You need to listen. Move NOB down. Move numbers up. It is ridiculous to have so many people tell you, but the most frustrating thing is that you don't even address the issue, like quoting the person and telling them you understand.

Ducks: Pretty good. The logo on the front is distorted. I love the aways. I'm not too crazy about the large amount of orange in the homes. You might want to try it with white. Or even bronze but I think white would look classier.

Habs: Yeah, it looks good, but I've seen this a million times.

Coyotes: I like the roads. But I think the addition of sand to the homes holds it back. Then, you have sand in the striping, but no sand in the numbers, just white. I don't really like the way that looks. Alternate is fine, but would be better with red pants.

Lightning: Interesting idea. But, the bolts on the arms are blocky compared to the sleek logo design. That ruins it for me. It's a good idea, just not executed well. The alternate is pretty good, but it would be miles better if you make the hem line match the arm and shoulder striping.

Blues: My favorite of the bunch. These are really good.

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Thanks for the comments


Sorry for my placement of things. I just overlooked people saying that. I moved the nameplate on my templates down, and will put the numbers up. It wont happen again.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my Kings redesign. I'll have it done tonight.

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LA Kings:

This one sort of just came to me. The patern on the arms follows the template of the jersey. Enjoy.


Are the NoB and number placement good?

Anyway, I'd like comments on that. Who should be next?

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Ducks: The logo is squished and if you are using just the D, have the hem stripes flow with the curve of the D, not against it. On the home, I would flip the white and orange.

Canadiens: Most concepts turn out like this. Try to stray your concept away from that even using those elements. Maybe move the sleeve numbers onto the stripes, like how they are on the back.

Coyotes: Too much of a mix between classic and edge pattern. Maybe just use the striping going around the hem instead of up the sides. Ditch either the sand or white so they don't clash with each other on the jerseys. The state logo works good as a shoulder patch, but not on the chest. Like what was suggested before, try the full body coyote.

Lightning: The home and away are glorified versions of the edmonton jersey. The bolts going across the sleeves would be unrecognizable watching the game on TV or upper levels. The alternate is "too classic" for a team with such a modern logo.

Blues: Stick with one shade of blue. You used only the light blue on the away, but alot of navy on the home and alternate. I'm not completely sold using the alternate logo on the shoulders, and the incomplete piping around the shoulders.

Kings: The color sleeve cutouts look too "boxy" trying to use a rounded rectangle. Maybe try just using a circle. I like the idea of a purple home jersey though.

* All of your alternates use the same cut as the home and away. Stray away from that and use different cuts for alternates. Its bad enough that Reebok streamlined a uniform system, but to streamline a single team and using a single cut for all three jerseys is just as bad.

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